The Pretty Details of Console Tables in the Hallway

hallway, white wall, wooden floor, narrow and thin wooden console table with iron legs

Hallway is often seen as a narrow space where it should be empty so that you can move freely. While that can be right in a way, it makes the space looks lonely and, well, empty. If you decorate your


Decorating Hallways to Comfortable Modern Look

hallway, wooden floor, black accent wall, black cabinet, white wall

Hallway can be a little lonely without anything to decorate it. While it is a place where people going up and down and the space sometimes is not to large, getting something in the hallway can actually help you to


Stunning Hallway Inspirations to Take From

hallway, patterned floor tiles, white wall, moroccan lamp, wooden cabinet, wooden console tables

Hallway is a passage between rooms in the house. Although you will probably not stay too long in the hallway to relax, it is also important to make it pretty. A pretty hallway is important to make you feel happy


Beautiful Ideas for Hallway that You Want to Have in Your House

hallway with white floor, white tiles wall, L shaped floating shelf, floating shelves, vases, moroccan lamps

If you have a long hallway and you think it’s a waste to let it go empty, you might want to take a look at these beautiful ideas of hallway. You will want to decorate your own hallway so that


Simple Styles to Bring Out the Best of a Narrow Entry Hallway

long hallway with white marble floor with monochrome rug, white shoes storage under yellow cushioned bench, metallic table with grey marble top, metallic framed round mirror

Small spaces are tricky to decorate. If you go overboard, it’ll be chaos and it will look messy and difficult to get tidied up. But, if you put too few things, the functions that you expect from the room will