Soaked in Pretty Tub, Japanese Way

white round soaking tub, white wall tiles, white floor tiles, wooden cabinet, golden faucet

Besides the regular long oval tub, relaxation in the bath tub can also be enjoyed in a soaking tub. It is a great option. With more height compare to the regular tub, soaking tub can get you submerge completely to


Appealing Japanese Soaking Tub for Small Bathroom

japanese soaking tub small white porcelain vessel sink white porcelain tub gray floor glass shower area big mirror

Lying down in a soaking tub may be a very enjoyable thing in a bathroom. The tub can be small or big. It depends on your preference. There are various styles of soaking tub. You can have a modern or


Japanese Style Soaking Tub for Satisfying Bath

traditional wooden japanese soaking tub with showers

Japanese people appreciate water so much and bathing is a kind of ritual. It is not meant for only cleaning but rather for warming self or relaxation. This is reflected through their soaking tub style. Differs from Western-style bathtub, Japanese-style