Getting Close to Talk One-to-One

pink velvet chairs, marble round coffee table, round mirror with golden accents,

In the living room, we would want to create comfortable living room. There would be sofa and chairs. However, if your job or position in the society might make you greet guests where you need to talk seriously, you will


Fresh and Calming Natural Living Rooms

living room, wooden floor, brown rug, white wall, rattan chairs, wooden coffee table, white built in shelves, white sofa, white beamed ceiling

Getting warm and comfortable look is essential to a living room, especially when you want people to feel welcomed and to actually like the comfort the living room gives. There are many ways you can create a comfortable and warm


Enjoying the Warmth of the Sun in the Sunroom

sunroom, white wooden wall, rattan chair, wooden coffee table, white shade, chandelier

Sunroom is a place where you can enjoy your conversation with your friends and family. It is a place like living room but with more glass on the window or wall. You would be able to enjoy the warmth with


Enjoying the Corner with Comfortable Seat

rocking sofa, wooden floor, white sofa, white patterned rug

The space in the corner of the room can be a perfect place to seclude yourself. It is not that you will not see your family but you will have a place for a moment of your own quality time.


Creating Beautiful Display for a Gorgeous Sight

white wall, white wooden floor, opened window, ratan sofa, colorful pillows, blue cabinet

Having a beautifully decorated room will make anyone feel even happier at home. Just looking at the beautiful sight can put smile on your face. The feeling of satisfying knowing that you have a nice sight at home will make


Lively and Comfortable Living Room

living room, white rug floor, cream wall, indented white shelves, fireplace, white sofa, wooden chair with white cushion, rattan sofa

Comfort in the living room is always one thing that people look for. With a comfortable and warm living room, it is so easy to drag people to the room. The room would be inviting enough and people would love


Perfect Corner to Read a Book

reading corner, wooden floor, white wall, glass window, bookshelves on window sill, white round table

Reading a book can look so easy. But, as hours upon hours go, your body will feel heavy and you will want to sit comfortably in a cozy chair. It is the perfect place if it’s situated in the corner


The Warm and Fresh Bohemian Living Rooms

living room, wooden herringbone floor, brown leather chair, red rug, white wall, white green rug, plants, wooden cabinet

Living rooms, as a place to gather with family and friends, should be comfortable. It needs to offer warmth to the people inside so that everyone would love to sit around and spend some time with each other. For those


Bright Living Room with Large Glass Window and Door

living room, white rug, white wall, large glass window, white pendants, grey sofa, orange chair, wooden chairs, wooden grand piano, wooden display on the wall

Glass window and door can bring so much joy. It can give you the maximum level of light while also making you room seems larger by adding the view of outside to the inside. And for glass in windows or


Catching Warmth in Fun Yellow Sofa in the Living Room

wooden sofa with yellow cushion, white floor, rattan basket, shelves, black crate table.

Yellow has been associated with fun and energizing vibe that it is used to make a room feel merrier. However, with the right saturation, it can be warm and giving comfortable look in the room. In the pictures below, you