Strong Impression in the Dark and Natural Bathroom

bathroom, grey floor, wooden mat, wooden floating vanity, white sinks, white tub, wooden accent

If you love modern and natural style while also putting some strong details, you would love this one compilation below. The combination of black and wooden material or look makes a beautiful and interesting ambiance in the bathroom. Adding large


Vintage and Traditional Bathroom to Feel Calm

bathroom, white tiles, light green wall wainscoting, chandelier, white tub, green cabinet, make up table

If you want a bathroom that can help you not only getting your body cleansed but also a place where you can get some calming time and refresh your body and mind too, you would love a great comfortable place


Blushed and Fun Pink Bathroom to Help You Relax

bathroom, pink patterned wall tiles, white wall, white toilet, white sink, tall long mirror, bamboo stool

Pink can bring so many kinds of ambiance. When it goes soft, it brings out calming and sweet look but when it comes out strong, it brings out strong and cheerful look to the room. If you love pink, you


Decorating Stunningly Beautiful Modern Bathroom with Tub

bathroom, wooden floor, built in shelves, brown wall tiles, glass pendants, pink tub, glass window

If you want to have a bathroom where you can relax comfortably, you would want a perfect place to do it. And adding tub in your bathroom would help you get what you need. With tub, you would be able


Spending Time in Pretty French Bathrooms

bathroom, white marble floor, white built in cabinet, large carved mirror, chandelier, curtain

French style has been inspiring many people to create their own details at home. French details make the room elegant and charming that everyone love to have it in the rooms, it’s like capturing an old pretty look inside the


Creating Calm and Relax on Pink Bathrooms

bathrom, white marble floor, pink wall, white marble wall, pink vanity, white vanity top

Decorating bathroom is always fun as there are so many things we can do. The tiles itself has allowed us to get creative, not to mention the mirror, vanity or even the faucet. And we can still play with theme,


Graceful and Elegant Bathrooms for Inspiration

bathroom, white marble floor, white vertical shiplank, white lighting fixture, white wooden cabinet, white marble counter top, white sconces, mirror

Making bathroom into beautiful and exquisite room needs someone who are into details as every detail can contribute different ambiance to the room. One of the easiest things to do is combining elegant accents in a room, like marble, crisp


Inspirations from Vintage Modern Bathrooms

bathroom, white wall, grey wainscoting, black tub, white vintage sink, patterned floor tiles

Bathroom is one place where you can clean your body and mind at the same time. Bathroom brings calm and refreshing ambiance to your mind that you can use bathroom as a place to take some rest after a long


White Basked Modern Bathroom

bathroom, white bathroom, wooden cabinet with white top, white round sink, wooden shelves, white tiles, indented wall, rug

White is one of the easiest colors that you just can;t wait to put on the entire room. Although bathroom can be moist, that does not stop people from decorating their bathroom in white. It is probably because with white,


Decorating Stunning Modern White Bathrooms

bathroom, white hexagonal tiny floor tiles, white square wall tiles, wooden cabinet, white tub, black iro pendant, glass partition, large mirror

Modern look has been really popular in the last years. It brings practicality and clean look together without getting the aesthetic side lost in the way. It can be used in any room. And these ones below has modern setting