Beautiful Open Dining Room through the Glass

open room, wooden herringbone floor, cream wall, glass partition, white kitchen cabinet, wooden dining table, white modern chairs, patterned rug

Open space is perfect for you who has small space or for you who just love to have an airy space. You would love to create an open space in your house. One of the most common open settings is


Stunningly Gorgeous Open Kitchens Under the Tall Ceiling

open kitchen, wooden floor, white sloping wall, white ceiling, wooden vaulted ceiling, round wooden table, white chair, wooden stools

Having tall ceiling is a privilege you have. Not every house have that. And because of that, you might want to use the tall ceiling to get the best version of rooms you want to use and show. Below are


The Comfortable Vibe of Socializing in the Open Living Room

open living room, wooden floor, dark wooden table, grey modern chairs, white sofa, white floating table, white wall, blue wall, mirror

Having an open space can make your house a great place to hold social events. It is because open room makes it easy to converse and to move around with your friends. It creates fun and easy mingling. And that


Impressive Ideas of Comfortable Living Room for Small Apartment

living room with wooden floor, rug, white corner sofa, entertainment center, wooden cabinet, unique partition, kitchen, wooden table, reading nook

Small space is always a great challenge. However, in the challenge, fun in planning the room to get all the function we need is there. With that, small room is not such a challenge anymore. If it’s still a difficult


Minimalist Open Room Inspirations by Serene Pretty Rooms

open room with wooden planks, wooden counter top, wooden square dining set, wooden round coffee table, wooden cabinet with TV, rug, grey sofa

Open room has been a great option for those who want to have great air circulation and those have small space especially. With open space, the room will look brighter and larger, and with a house with so many members,


Space Saving Smart Bedrooms for Studio Apartment

studio apartment with wooden floor, grey sofa, rug, bed, study area, kitchen, round dining table

When you have studio apartment with small area that you need to maximize the most, you will want to decorate your home with space saving furniture that will still maintain the aesthetic side of the room also. Here below are


Beautiful Open Kitchen and Living Room for Small Space

open space with white wall, brown flooring, white cabinet, black lamp, grey sofa, grey rug living space

If you have small space, you would have your own challenge to furnish your house with everything you need without making your house feel cramped or forgetting the beauty of your house. One of the methods you can do is


The Capacious Space that Both Warm and Comfort You

open space with wooden floor, white island with wooden stool, white dining set with striped rug, grey sofa, orang ottoman

An open space area makes a room looks wide and spacious. If the space is a quite small, it makes the space bigger, and if the space is wide already, it makes the room really spacious. The best thing about