Having Dinner Out in Your Own Sunroom

sunroom with amazing glass ceiling, wall, nude tiles, nude wooden dining set, ceiling fan

Sunroom has been many people’s favorite place in the house. With its glass window that enable you to enjoy your outdoor surrounding, it’s like bringing the outdoor to your indoor. And that’s why sunroom is usually favorite place to enjoy


Ten Indoor Plants with Minimum Care that Will Help Keeping the Air Cleaner

spider plant in a white pot

There are a lot of reasons why you need plants in your home. Some of it are that plants can beautify your house, give fresher look, let your gardening hobby channeled (especially if you don’t have soil), and it also


How to Make Bohemian Style Rules Your Bedroom

boho bedroom with wooden floor, wooden palette bedding, white bed, macrames, plants, shelves, white cupboard

Everyone has their own character that often is shown on how they pick things for themselves including the things for their room. If you have the gypsy character in loving nature and warmth inner personality, you would probably love to


The Most Proper Room to Enjoy the Best Light and Breeze of the Year

sunroom with ceiling fan, two rattan table sets with green cushion, green wooden cabinet, wooden coffee table

When you live in a place when summer is not really hot enough to be called summer you will need sunroom in your home. Or if you just love to see your surrounding better because you have a great view