Fresh Out in the Patio!

white hanging rattan chairs, pillows and cushion, white wooden floor

Making a patio a comfortable place is essential to many people. Some small or large of space outside the house make a private open space that people love to spend their time there. When the day is clear, hanging out


Rattan Furniture to Decorate Beautiful Rooms

rattan side table with drawers, rattan lamps

Rattan, besides woods, is one of the most popular natural material that people like to use in the room. The flexibility of rattan and the details it can create help to create an interesting look in the room. Furthermore, rattan


Rattan Accents in Every Room

rattan screen, wooden table, rattan small screen, yellow ottoman

Rattan or natural material has been really amazing to put in the room. It can freshen the room as it can also helps the room to look natural and minimalist. Rattan can be made into many kinds of furniture and


The Warm Rattan Material on the Colorful Chairs in Dining Room

green wooden chair with rattan back and seating, round wooden table, wooden round pendant, orange stool, wooden island, white floor tiles

Rattan chairs can be really interesting as it can be used in any room. It can be used to add warmth in the living room, it can used to add old exotic look in the study, it can also add


Natural Woven Chairs for Warmth and Natural Look in 2019

beige rattan chair with curvy details on the back and arm rest

In starting a new year, you might want to add something in your room just to get the 2019 vibe. Among all the trends in 2019, one of the trends that can easily be followed is natural material items. It


Rustic and Natural Ambiance with Natural Material Furniture

wooden chair with bamboo, grey cushion, wooden round coffee table, ba,boo covered pendant

Natural ambiance can be really beautiful and look so warm that it’s is easy to want to have natural look in your home. Putting rustic and natural look that also still has modern vibe can be challenging but an approachable