Adding Natural Character in the Living Room

living room, white wooden floor, white wall, white sofa, rattan chair, rattan coffee office, rattan pendant, white round side table

As you would want to make sure that you can get comfortable in the living room, you would want to decorate your room that will bring out comfort. One of the easiest ways to make comfort in the living room


Rattan Furniture to Decorate Beautiful Rooms

rattan side table with drawers, rattan lamps

Rattan, besides woods, is one of the most popular natural material that people like to use in the room. The flexibility of rattan and the details it can create help to create an interesting look in the room. Furthermore, rattan


Decorating Outdoor with Rattan Chairs

rattan chairs with white cushion, exposed white wall, wooden floor, rattan chair with white cushion, rattan ottoman, rattan rug

Decorating patio can be really challenging especially if you don’t know where to start. However, when you start, you will know what you want next. Putting some natural details in the patio could help you get the best finish in


Rustic and Natural Ambiance with Natural Material Furniture

wooden chair with bamboo, grey cushion, wooden round coffee table, ba,boo covered pendant

Natural ambiance can be really beautiful and look so warm that it’s is easy to want to have natural look in your home. Putting rustic and natural look that also still has modern vibe can be challenging but an approachable