The Beautiful Bathtubs Can Stay in a Small Bathroom

narrow bathroom with brown wood pattern tiles, rug, white cabinet with white marble top, black tub with white inside, wooden board, golden rails, white tiles wall

Sometimes, when we have small bathroom, we have to really consider how the room will not feel cramped without forgetting the beauty that needs to hold. Small bathroom sometimes limit the options that we can do with our bathroom, like


What Simple yet Beautiful You Can Do to Your Small Bathroom

white small bathroom with aquare tiles, white toilet, dark container, with sink on top, mirror, bath area

Having small space for bathroom might as not as problematic as having small space for living room or bedroom. However, bathroom is as essential as another room and when we’re in bathroom; we would love to have the most comfort


Shower Bathtub Combo in Your Bathroom

classic traditional white tub with rain shower in the middel top closed by white curtain around the tub

Some people like to have separated place for shower and bathtub and sometimes they just go with one of them. However, some people, regardless how much space they have, like to just combine them in a bathroom. These two can