Giving Sweet Accents in the Living Room

living room, wooden floor, striped wall, pendants, purple sofa, wooden coffee table, grey chair, colorful rug

There are many ways in prettifying a living room. But you can always find it pretty when it matches your preference. Some may feel minimalist is a pretty thing while others might think pretty is when a living room has


Ten Sweet and Cute Living Rooms to Hang Out

living room, grey rug, pink accent wall, pink round ottoman, red chair, grey sofa, pendant

While talking about living room, there is this pretty and modern style that can make your room go brighter. With this style, you will find calm and simplicity in the living room. The smooth and sleek lines will beautify the


Unique and Sweet Combination of Purple Living Room

living room, wooden floor, light purple wall, pink chairs, pink sofa, glass coffee table, chandelier, purple rug

Just like dining room, living room is also an important part of the house especially in the holiday season. If you celebrate Christmas, you would probably want to gather and open the gifts in the living room to make all


The Cheerful and Sweet Pink Pastel Living Room

living room, pink flowery rug, white ottoman, grey chair, pink sofa, rattan coffee tbale, rattan side table, white wainscoting

A pretty and sweet room can be what girls or women want, especially those who love some blushed romantic ambiance that can embrace them in whatever the mood is. Pink is the perfect color to create a wonderful sweet room