Vintage and Traditional Bathroom to Feel Calm

bathroom, white tiles, light green wall wainscoting, chandelier, white tub, green cabinet, make up table

If you want a bathroom that can help you not only getting your body cleansed but also a place where you can get some calming time and refresh your body and mind too, you would love a great comfortable place


Incredible Vintage Bathrooms to Look Up to

bathroom, white floor tiels, white wall, wooden tub with white inside, pattern rug, wooden cabinet

Traditional and classic look is always a dear. It warms your heart when you look into it. With traditional look in the bathroom, the time for taking bath would be more pleasurable. Not only that vintage look is warm, it


Stunning Classic and Modern Bathrooms with Wooden Floor

bathroom, wooden floor, white wall, arch window, white tub, white sink, golden framed mirror

Wooden floor has been used favorably in the house. However, mostly it is not in the bathroom. It is quite understandable as it might be difficult to maintain wooden floor in moist circumstance like bathroom. However, it does not mean


The Comfortable and Traditional Vibe in Farmhouse Bathrooms

bathroom with wooden floor, white toilet, white wooden cabinet, wooden top, white sink, wooden plank wall, white wall, floating shelves, wooden framed mirror, sconces

A traditional look usually gives comfortable and familiar vibe and that’s exactly what people try to accomplish in decorating their room in farmhouse style. They want the warmth in the pretty sight. And warm look can also be seen even