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bedroom, wooden floor, white bed platform, pink bedding, white swing chair, white built in study with white chair Deco Ideas Hogar

Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Pink Nuance Wall, Off White Bedding, White Table, White Chair, Mirror, Floating Cabinet And Shelves
Bedroom, Grey Floor, Off White Wall, Grey Bed With Canopy, White Elegant Cabinet, Chandelier
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Pink Bedding, White Makeup Table With LED Framed Mirror, Wooden Pink Grey Accent Wall, White Side Table
Bedroom, Light Pink Floor, Pink Bed Platform, Pink Bed, Pink Cabinet, Pink Built In Shelves, Table, Entertainment Center, Pink Modern Midcentury Chair
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Bedding, Grey Wall, White Side Table
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Rug, High Bed Platform With Pink Bedding, Storage Under, Blue Study Table, Pink Chair, Pink Crochette Seating Stool, Pink Wall, White Curtain
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Bd, White And Grey Wall, Pink Bordered Accent Wall, Mirror, White Modern Midcentury, White Stool
Bedroom, Grey Flooring Rug, Rattan Rug, Grey Chair, White Bed Platform, Grey Bedding, White Bench, Grey Wall
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Fur Bench, White Bedding, White Wall, White Fur Chandelier, White Swing Chair
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Bed Platform, Pink Bedding, White Swing Chair, White Built In Study With White Chair

Teenage always have their own thought. It is the time when they are not kids anymore and getting to know and test the more mature thoughts and bodies. At this time of age, privacy has been something that they adore so much. And if you wish to give some privacy with their own bedroom, it is a great ideal to not only meet the function of a room but also the aesthetics.

High Platform
Having high platform for a bed can create a hollow space under the bed that you can turn into something more than that: storage. Storage can help keeping the clutters of the room so the room will always look tidy. Another thing that can be done is by adding table with the same height to make the room even more compact.

All Pink
As girl usually likes the endearing tenderness quality that pink color has, pink has been really popular especially among girls. Seen in the picture below is a pink bedroom that has almost all surface in pink, but the white curtains on the window. This pink color bedroom shows modern clean lines on the furniture that does not make the room too much.

Grey Pink
As grey is neutral color that has been the soft side of black and white, grey can help a room feels warmer and softer. In this bedroom below, it is seen that the grey room has already looked soft but added with pink accents, it looks girly and mature. The modern touch of the room also helps the room feel more mature.

Swing in the Room
As girls love to feel really comfortable, usually there are so many soft and comfortable things in the room like several kinds of pillows, fur accents, and soft colors. And this room depicts perfectly how a girl’s bedroom might look like when all the fluffy things are included in the room, especially with the round swing chair on the corner of the room.

Modern Girl
While the previous one displays the soft and girly side of a girl’s bedroom, this one here has a really different notion. With its clean lines, it shows modern look, but the headboard invites more warmth along with the white rattan swing chair.

Natural Pink
When a room is supposedly shown femininity in pink, sometimes it is hard to show the natural touch in a bedroom. However, this bedroom can combine grey, pink, and wood in a gorgeous plate.

Dark Girl’s Room
Although dark color has been related to more masculine room, this one here looks perfectly feminine. Although the accent wall is dark, the rest are either on white or pink. And the textures are mostly soft and fluffy.

Narrow and Long
Although narrow and long space can make a room has limited options, this one here can accentuate with the best thing. The statement ceiling with LED lights is beautiful. The pink nuance on the wall on different pattern and textures are interesting. And the sleek lines on the furniture helps the room to look less crowded.

Simpler Condition
Similar to the previous one, this one too shows a great space saving with the small and sleek lines furniture. Combining tables for both study and make up is a great idea. The pink frame of the table is looking stunning and shiny.

Romantic Canopy
As teenagers can start having romantic notion, a canopy might help them even happier. Seeing the room with canopy might make her reminiscing the old Princess stories.

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