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large living room basement with white wall and ceiling, grey sofa, rug, and couches, two dining table sets Learn MoreConcept Interiors

Artsy Living Room Basement With Black Cabinet, White Fireplace, Dark Brown Rug And Sofa, And White Round Coffee Table
Living Room Basement With Hoem Theater And Beige Sofa And Gym
Living Room Basement In Brown Wall And Bookshelves, Grey Couches, Gey Rug, Black Sofa
Living Room Basement With Grey, Brown, Beige Sofa And Couches, And Bars, With Side Table, White Table Lamp, Bookshelves
Living Room Basement With Bar In One Side, Foosball, Bookshelves, Black Sofa
Living Room Basement With Beige Corner Sofa And Red Pillows, Wooden Coffee Table, Small Cabinet In The Corner
Incustrial Living Room Basement With Wooden Flooring, Table, Chairs, Cabinet, Shelves With Rattan Basket
Living Room Basement With White Wooden Shelves, Grey Sofa, White Round Ottoman, Rattan Laundry Basket, Rug
Large Living Room Basement With White Wall And Ceiling, Grey Sofa, Rug, And Couches, Two Dining Table Sets

If you have basement in your home, you might want to turn into some beautiful room where you can talk to your family and friend and do a lot of fun activities there. Well, if that’s what you want, you might want to turn your basement into a warm and pretty living room where everybody can gather around. Especially when your space is minimal and you want to have larger area to hang around and relax. If that’s the case, you probably want to turn your basement into a place friendlier. Here, below you will see lots of ideas on how you can turn your basement into a beautiful living room.

Bright White Basement

In this picture, you can see how beautiful the basement turns into living room. You can decorate it just as how you do any living room.

Living Room and Entertainment Center in the Basement

Besides having your living room in the basement, you can also put your entertainment here too. Here in the picture, the billiard table is brought to the basement so that you can watch TV as well as playing billiard when you’re bored.

Warm Living Room for Family and Friends

Here, you can see how the basement is provided not only with living room but also small library corner and drinks bar in the middle. This way, your family and friends with any interests can gather around. Just make sure you have enough chair and sofas for everyone.

Large Warm Basement

If you have quite large basement, you can turn it into a large living room with couples of sofa and chair groups. And if you are afraid of making your basement too tight or crowded, you can use white ceiling and walls.

Artsy Basement

Even though it is basement area, it doesn’t mean that it should be simple. If you want to go artsy, you can do it too. With black cabinet and other furniture in dark shade of color, the room will feel elegant. You can put a bright color or white touch into the room to make it less dark.

Industrial Basement Living Room

One of the themes that is comfortable but really affordable is the room with industrial theme. You can gather a bunch of old furniture and mix it with wooden furniture

Warm Family Living Room

When you see this picture the first thing that you might notice is probably how warm this living room is with fun ambiance that created from the shelves, ottoman, and the laundry basket. If you want to embrace the people living in your home, this might be a good idea of living room in basement.

Brown Relaxing Living Room

As you can see, this living room has a brown painted wall that match with the bookshelves it makes them look united. The flooring is from wood that makes them matched perfectly. And to balance it, the owner put grey and black couches, rug, sofa and pillows while the ceiling is aluminium panels left bared.

living room basement in brown wall and bookshelves, grey couches, gey rug, black sofa


Foosball and Bar in the Basement

This is another great idea for entertainment room that you can have. This is perfect for boys’ living room with the bar in one side, and foosball in near the bar. The sofa faces the shelves, looking good for you who like to read or just talking with your friends.

living room basement with bar in one side, foosball, bookshelves, black sofa


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