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white marble floating vanity, clear glass sink with black frame, black metal frame for towel rack, round mirror, marble background, off white wall Decoratrix

White Marble Floating Vanity, Clear Glass Sink With Black Frame, Black Metal Frame For Towel Rack, Round Mirror, Marble Background, Off White Wall
Black Wall, Wooden Floating Vanity, Black Tal Square Sink, Black Faucet, Mirror, Beige Floor
White Round Small Sink, Black Vanity, Copper Faucet, White Marble
White Marble Floor, White Marble Vanity With Large Rectangular Golden Sink, Golden Framed Round Mirror, White Wall
Blue Wall Tiles, Light Blue Backsplash Wall, Round Mirror, Wooden Bench, White Round Tall Small Sink, Black Rack, Black Stool, Wooden Floor
Blue Wall, Seamless Floor, Round Shelves Vanity, Mirror, White Chair, Clear Glass Wall
Golden Vanity, Brown Marble Sink, Golden Faucet, Mirror
Blue Wall, Built In Shelves, Blue Hexagonal Floor, Marbled Bottom Wall, White Foldable Table, Marble Sink, Round Mirror, Pendant
Blue Wall, Blue Pegboard, White Marble Low Vanity, White Round Tall Sink, Black Mirror, Blue Tiles, Shower Area ,chevron Wooden Floor
White Yellow Floating Marble Vanity, Brown Wall, Mirror, White Marble, Pendants, White Toilet

Bathroom vanities can help you store and manage everything you need to do with the sink. It is usually has mirror to help you out preparing for your day or simply brush your teeth. A comfortable and effective vanity would be what you need to have. However, when you can upgrade it into something that not only helps you manage your things but also gives beauty and added value to your bathroom, that would be super. These below are ten brilliantly beautiful and unique vanity you would love.

Marble Vanity
If you love to upgrade to something luxurious and elegant, marble is one perfect option. This one here puts white floating marble vanity and it such a beautiful sight especially when the lights from the pendant comes shining in. The pattern is beautifully illuminated. Completed with luxurious mirror, this vanity has completed its quest of being gracefully amazing.

Golden Lines
This one shows another line of luxurious look. The white marble vanity itself has brought elegance into the room but completed with large golden rectangular sink, the elegance has been more pronounced.

Strong Black
While For those who love impressive look, dark black like this one might be really appealing. Not only that the bathroom is impressive in black but it also has tall square black sink that is positioned high with wooden floating table low below it. This setting is indeed interesting.

With Pegboards
Similar to the previous one, this one also has an interesting setting on the low vanity. This one empower the unique look with white round tall sink that also becomes its support. While the usual vanity has cabinet and shelves, this one here is completed with pegboards that can be really flexible.

Wooden Bench
This one shows a simple look in furniture yet interesting installment. The wooden bench for vanity is one. It is simply a bench with white round sink but it looks so endearing. The floating shelves beside the mirror is installed in both area of the wall with contrasting color and area.

Clear Glass Sink
An interesting look does not always mean something solidly seen. This one has an interesting balance on the white marble floating sink. On the left it is seen a clear glass sink with black frame while the right side is black metal frame for towel rack. It looks balanced but not entirely.

Round Shelves
In this soft colored bathroom, everything looks minimalist and pretty. The pink basin is supported with wooden shelves with off white shelves under. This vanity is perfectly complements the blue wall and seamless floor.

Foldable Table
In this blue bathroom with interesting door, the vanity is also interesting with foldable look. the marble sink on top looks light that the foldable table seem so lightweight and simple too.

White Bowl
This simple setting shows an easy look with black vanity and white bowl sink on top. The copper faucet gives an interesting accent in this monochrome set.

Golden Table
An interesting look is seen in this one with golden vanity that frames the vanity itself. Stand inside in the right side is a brown marble sink that supported the vanity. With lower top, the vanity looks like it does not have table.

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