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bathroom, white wall, grey wainscoting, black tub, white vintage sink, patterned floor tiles The Times

Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Framed Window, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Covered Tub, Patterned Rug
Bathroom, White Wall, White Wall Tiles, Black Tub, White Cabinet, White Sink, Golden Faucet, Black Round Mirror
Bathroom, White Wall, White Wall Tiles On The Shower, White Floor Tiles, Patterned Rug, Wooden Tub, Wooden Rack
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Wall, Yellow Tub, Blue Cabinet, White Sink, White Wainscoting Wall
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, Golden Faucet, Green Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Round Sink, White Floor Tiles
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Patterned Rug, White Wall, Wooden Covered White Tub
Bathroom, White Wall, Grey Wainscoting, Black Tub, White Vintage Sink, Patterned Floor Tiles
Bathroom, Dark Green Wal, White Framed Window, White Sink, Dark Tub, White Floor Tiles, Patterned Ug, Wooden Chair, White Toilet
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, Blue Wall Tiles, White Wall, Black Wooden Cabinet With White Counter Top, Mirror
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, Greeen Wall, White Floating Sink, Wooden Chair, Black Sconces, Golden Framed Mirror, Wooden Cabinet With Glass

Bathroom is one place where you can clean your body and mind at the same time. Bathroom brings calm and refreshing ambiance to your mind that you can use bathroom as a place to take some rest after a long day at work. To make a bathroom feels comfortable, you can decorate the bathroom into a pretty room. And how you decorate your bathroom shows your preference as there are so many preferences you can choose. If you love modern look, you might love these modern bathrooms with some vintage accent. These below are ten bathrooms for those who love vintage modern look.

White Black Modern
This bathroom puts a nice touch in the white background. The black tub brings a strong center in the room that gets along with patterned floor tiles. The white cabinet sets a balanced and supporting accent to the bathroom.

Large and Warm
This bathroom is so special with its large space. The room is divided into two areas with bathtub on the one side and shower area on the other. The wooden cover on the tub brings warmth to the room along with wooden rack, wooden chair and wooden cabinet. The patterned rug on the floor makes a vintage touch with nice details.

Natural Tub
Creating a pretty bathroom in a small space can be difficult. However, nice details can help a lot in decorating a bathroom. This one here puts patterned rug and wooden covered tub to bring in some vintage touches.

Elegant Vintage Touch
This bathroom here puts elegant touches to the small bathroom. With lots of decorations that makes the space does not look like a bathroom, this one here successfully brings in vintage touches seen in the sconces, lamp, and the mirror as well as the window and chair.

Modern Combination
This bathroom makes a nice combination with modern look and vintage touches. The golden lines on the faucets puts out vintage look in the modern setting that the bathroom brings out. The white square tiles also put vintage look on the bathroom.

Simple and Natural
This one here puts a really nice and simple setting with wooden covered tub, white background on the wall and floor, and nice details seen on the carpet. The warmth and the simple look brings vintage ambiance to the bathroom.

Popping Yellow
This bathroom brings in a popping detail on the tub against white background on the wall and floor. The blue cabinet is soft but with pronounced look too. The white color makes the space looks even larger.

Vintage and Modern
This bathroom puts interesting modern touches seen on the popping colored floor tiles ad the sink while also generates the modern and minimalist look on the neutrality of the color. The combination is pretty and amazing.

Dark and Classy
When you want to go on vintage look, getting into classy look can be done too. This one here puts a dark green classy bathroom and puts vintage accent like the wainscoting, sink, claw foot tub and the patterned rug.

Calming Retro Look
This bathroom puts a calming and refreshing look at the same time in the bathroom. The white floor and blue wall tiles brings a nice ambiance to the bathroom. And the black cabinet puts a strong center.

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