Interesting Patterned Tiles for Pathways

pathway, brown patterned tiles, whtie fences, green plants

While the interior of a house is important, the exterior is as significant as the other. The exterior will give some broad expectation for those who see on how the interior would be. And it is also the first impression


Indoor Greenery to Freshen Up Your Dwelling Place

affordable diy shelf planter for indoor garden from wood crate in house corner

One of the problems of urban housing is lacking area to install spacious garden for creating fresh and lively nuance at home. Still, you can maximize tiny space to keep your hobby alive. Those who love gardening can enjoy greenery


How to Make Your Balcony Looks Amazingly Fresh with Plants

hung wooden shelves with wooden table on the rail, bottles on the rail, wooden floor tiles

Balcony has always a pretty space to build a relaxing and fresh place. One way to do that is by putting plants on the balcony, or better, small garden. Plants are always a fine way to make balcony feels fresh


Creating Open Space to the Garden in a Small House

small kitchen with wooden floor, white small island with wooden stools, wooden shelves ,tiny patch of garden

Besides interiors with eco-conscious, eco-friendly house design has also risen in popularity. Many people love to make their house some friendly effect for the environment. And it includes the reduction in greenhouse emissions. One of the things to do that


Combination of Garden and Stairs That Will Make Your Yard More Irresistible

garden on the railing upstairs, the railing downward, on the brick outside

Stairs at the yard can look just as stairs. However, with some plants, it will look more beautiful and it will save it from a forlorn and cold welcome when you come to the yard. To see how beautiful stairs


Adding a Beautiful Story to the Exterior Wall

beautiful mural on exterior wall around an octagon window

Exterior wall can have so many finishing. While it is beautiful to have a plain wall, for you who is bold, fun, and want to add a little story to the exterior wall. Mural is the best thing to do.


The Beauty Look Seen from Personal Touch in Painted Deck

wooden deck, blue white moroccan pattern

Making a deck looking amazing does not have to do remodeling. With the recent deck, there are many things that can be done. Especially if the deck has wooden floor. One of the best thing to do is by painting


Coloring the Yard with Cheerful, Vibrant, Interesting Mosaics

pathway, square earth tiles, colorful mosaic, brown stones on frame

Sometimes, when it feels like it’s already so tiring decorating the interior of the house, the exterior becomes number two. And it can take longer time to make an interesting look on the outside. However, this one here tries to


Ten Ideas in Creating More Eco Friendly House

backyard with wooden porch, grass, plants, plants on the wall

Eco friendly life habit has been trending these days, and for a good result too. It’s not something you follow just to be as cool as other people. It’s something you do because you want to do sustainable life. And,


Atrium With Plants to Bring Fresh Breath of Air to the House

patio atrium with black and white rug, white chairs with grey cushion, beige wall, glass windows to the house, plants

Often times, at house, you will feel like you want to tap out and get fresh air from the work you have all day. You can of course go out of the house and walk to the park. Or, you