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open pool house with kitchen, bar, TV, fireplace, couch set Grand Vista Pools

Simple Modern Pool Cabana With Wooden Ceiling, Ceiling Fan, Grey Sofa, Blue Rug
Small Pool House With Pergola Outside, Sconces, Glass Sliding Door, Grey Tiles, Pots Of Plants, Grass Shaped Like Pergolla
Striped Cabana With Striped Curtain, Two Black Chairs With White Cushion, Candle Lamp
Pool House With High White Roof, White Wooden Pillars, Yellow Wall On The Back, White Painted Window On Both Sides And Open Side In Front, Blue White Couch Set
Rectangular Pool House With Ombre Brown Roof, White Walls, Open Living Room With Rattan Sofat Set With White Cushion, Windows On The Back, Classic Pendant Lamp, Blacks Sconces
White Gazebo With Aluminium Roof, Striped Curtains, Glass Windows On The Back, Off White Sofa Set, Tiles Floor
Beautiful Pool With Beautiful Pool House With High Blue Roof, Cream Wall, Cream Wooden Siding Wall, Rattan Chair Set, Plants
Secluded Small Cabana In A Nook With Fireplace, Built In Couch, Pendant Lamp
Open Pool House With Kitchen, Bar, TV, Fireplace, Couch Set
Pool Side House With Thick Stone Walls, Vaulted Ceiling, TV, Fireplace, Outdoor Fan, Blue Sofa

If you have the luxury to have a pool cabana, you will want to make sure you get everything you can do around it. You will want to be able to invite people around and have a good time with them. You will want everyone to have a blast. But above all, you also want to be able to enjoy it for yourself. All the serene feeling you want to have. Having a cabana to your pool is like completing the mission on how to make your pool a home. If you are willing to have those, you will love some ideas that can inspire you on how you want your pool cabana looks like.

Refreshing House

With its open living room and the back that is not solid wall, this pool house offers even more fresh feeling with simple look and details.

Beautiful Cabana on the Side of Beautiful Pool

This pool house with blue roof reflects beautifully on the blue pool. With bedroom inside, you can just take a rest after a great time spent in your pool.

Merry Pergola

This small pool house looks stunning with yellow shimmer coming from inside and continue outside on the sconces and on the reflection on the pool. The pergolas add a fun feeling to the house and the grass is shaped in rectangular pattern matching the pergola.

Fresh Yellow on the Pool

As pool is usually connected with the color of blue, putting different color near the pool can bring the best to the look, like this one below. With yellow panted wall on the back of the pool house, the merrier the pool looks. And if you hold a party here, the atmosphere will be great.

Cheery Striped Color

If you want to make things light and simple, having gazebo instead of house with solid walls can be a great option too. With striped curtains like this, you give it an amusing color to the eye.

Stoned Pool House

For those who love rustic theme, this pool house built from stone can give them a thrill. The fireplace and the wooden framed door add the natural feeling. With vaulted ceiling, the air is circulated better.

Simple Modern Cabana

If you love to have modern cabana, you might like this one. It’s simple but still looks pretty. With this simple idea, you might be able to save your budget but still have the cabana.

Open Pool House

This one is for you who love to enjoy your time beside your pool in a breezy air room but to be also able to watch television and got warm air from your fireplace.

Cabana on a Nook

This small secluded nook can be a hideout for personal and more private conversation. For those who love to spend me-time and needs to be alone, this kind of cabana can provide it the best, in winter or summer, day or night.

Striped Arch Cabana

If you love to have something romantic in your pool, this cabana can give you that. With striped roof, the feeling is not too feminine.

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