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dining room, green flowery rug, wooden chairs, purple cushion, wooden table, white wal, chandelier, patterned curtain House of Turquoise

Dining Room, Purple Wall, Wooden Framed Fireplace, Chandelier, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs With Black Cushion
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Purple Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, Acrylic Chairs, Bulb Pendants
Dining Room, Light Wooden Floor, Round Table, Purple Chairs, Golden Chandelier,
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Purple Wall, Purple Pendant, Fireplace, Wooden Table, White Chairs
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Purple Wainscoting, Purple Sofa With Golden Lines, Purple Table Lamp, Purple Chandelier, Wooden Table, White Black Chairs, Purple Ruga
Dining Room, Purple Wall, White Chairs, Round Glass Top Table, Modern Chandelier, Wooden Floor
Dining Room, Green Flowery Rug, Wooden Chairs, Purple Cushion, Wooden Table, White Wal, Chandelier, Patterned Curtain
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Kitchen Cabinet, Light Peach Wall, Round Table With White Cloth, White Chairs, Purple Chandelier
Dining Room, Black Wooden Floor, Purple Wallpaper, White Table, Black White Chairs, Chandelier, White Ceiling
Dining Room, White Floor, White Sofa, Wooden Table, Purple Chairs, Wall Accessories

In the holiday season, dining room becomes one of the most important thing in the house. It is where you want to gather with your family and friends. You would want to have a great time dining at home and spend the time talking and enjoying the festivity. There are many things you can do in the dining room, but decorating with purple can obviously make the room look amazing and festive. Here is a compilation of ten purple dining room that will be the greatest look for this holiday.

Traditional Purple
Using purple look does not always mean you change everything to purple. This white dining room here uses purple tablecloth to make the neutral white dining room with traditional look feels fresh. The purple chandelier above brings the strongest point in the room, though.

Modern Purple
While the previous one uses table cloth and chandelier, this one uses purple wall to create a nice, sweet yet festive look in the room. The simple dining table and modern chairs make the room feel light and interesting, especially with the pendants and the acrylic chairs.

Elegant Purple
This purple dining room brings out elegant look with the flowery wallpaper and the chandelier. The ambiance is perfectly elegant and grand while the dining set makes a simple and modern touches in the middle.

Dark Purple
This dining room also accentuates elegance ambiance with its beautiful contrast of purple and white and the beautiful purple chandelier. The white wall and the purple wainscoting looks really interesting and strong, especially with the purple reading sofa completed with purple table lamp. The rug on the floor seems to complete the overall combination of white and purple.

Purple Chairs
Making a beautiful dining room with purple can always be done by giving some combination. This one here also puts a white and purple combination seen on the seating. The purple chairs look so pretty combined with white sofa along the wall. And as the floor and wall is white, the purple chairs look strong and pretty.

Elegance Modern
This is another elegant dining room with purple wall. This dining room puts modern touches on the dining table and chairs. The chandelier above also brings out modern feeling that matches very well with the modern dining set and the wall.

Some Exotic Touches
This modern dinign room makes and interesting details with the strong and vibrant colors. It is seen in the purple chairs and the blue and orange vase. The patterned accessories on the wall matches these vibrant details and make the combination look more exotic.

Dark Modern Purple
Combining modern dining room with dark colors would make the room feels stronger and more mysterious. This one here shows how dark purple and natural brown wood can make the room looks strong when it is combined with the easy white.

Purple Power
This dining room has a warm look with the combination of dark purple wall and the wooden wood. The wooden fireplace frame looks so pretty especially when it is completed with the natural wood on the dining set.

Pretty Patterns
This one puts a really pretty and strong look with light purple details but more purple on the patterns. The chairs look amazing and match profoundly with the flowery rug on the floor.

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