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staircase with white wooden built in storage under Specht

Kitchen With High Shelves
Small Entrance With White Wooden Storage Under Hanging Area
Asian Staircase With Cabinet With Wooden Door And Wicker Door, Shelves
Living Room With Brown Wooden Wall Mounted Cabinets And Brown Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf
White Wooden High Shelves On The Stair Aisle
Home Office With Brown Wooden Wall Mounted Cabinets And Shelves On Top Of The Table, And Cabinets On The Side
Bench With Shelves Under With Rattan Basket, Shelves On Top With Rattan Baskets
Kitchen With White Wooden Superb Storage, Cabinets
Staircase With White Wooden Built In Storage Under
Bedroom With Shelves On Head Board And Footboard, Storage Cabinet On Top And Under The Bed

Having small space can be challenging. Besides deciding on what to do in a room so that it can look pretty, you also need to decide on how much you can put in a room. When you have a small house or even an apartment, but you have a lot of stuffs to keep, you will want to have all the storage you can have. Here are some ideas that you can copy or inspire you in any way so that all your stuffs are safely kept. Having safely and neatly kept things are what you need so that you can reach it anytime in a perfect shape.

High Open Shelves

One of the things that you can do is having shelves so that you can put your things into categorizes. You can have it with door, or you can have an open shelf like this one. This is for your stuff that you use regularly so that you don’t have to mind about the cleanness too much.

Under the Stairs

You can also use the space under your stairs for your need of storage. You don’t have to add more cupboard or shelves that can reduce your space in the floor. And you don’t have to change it fancy. You can just build some boxes, or simply stacking some boxes under the stairs. Although, with built in boxes, it will be neater.

Cabinet and Shelves under the Stairs

When you consider storage under the stairs, you don’t have to fix it on boxes or cabinet under the stairs. You can also have drawers and shelves for different kind of staff. Shelves can be useful to put things you regularly use and drawers are useful for small stuffs.

Near the Stairs

If you have stairs like this one, you cannot put the storage under the stairs, but the space near the stairs, if you have it, can be a place where you put high shelves.

Cabinet and Shelves on the Wall

This is another great idea that you can apply in living room or near dining room. Instead of table to put your pictures you can have wall mounted shelves that will look less heavy than a table. And you can also install wall mounted cabinet too.

Magic Cupboard in the Kitchen

Kitchen can have so many tools, both for cooking and to serve the food. Thus, there are so many utensils that you need to keep in the storage.

Shelves on the Entrance

If you look for a place that you can hang your stuffs and also keep it in the box, you can try something like this. The beauty of this is that you can use it as shelf or if you want to put big things but you want it to look neat, you can use rattan baskets on the shelves so that I can function like drawers.

Small Entrance

If you have small entrance but you still want to make it useful, you can do it like this one here. You can put cabinets and on top of it you can make an area to hang things.

Extra Storage in Bedroom

This is a great idea to give extra storage in your bedroom. You can have extra storage both on top of the bed and under the bed too. You even have shelves on headboard and foot board.

Storage in the Home Office

While an office room in your house can be really crowded with papers, data, or cables, you can trick that condition by having storage under the table or wall mounted.

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