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bathroom, wooden floor, built in shelves, brown wall tiles, glass pendants, pink tub, glass window Yes Nicest

Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Bowl Sink, White Side Table, White Unique Stool, Built In Shelves, Glass Wall
Bathrom, White Floor, White Wall, Hung Plants, White Tub, White Toilet, White Floating Vanity, Grey Tiny Tiles
Bathroom, Marble Floor Tiles, Marble Wall Tiles, White Tub, Wooden Side Table, Pretty Pendant, White Floating Vanity
Bathroom, Grey Marble Floor, White Wall, White Tub, Big Rectangular Mirror, Grey Wall Tiles, Grey Marble Vanity
Bathroom, Grey Seamless Floor, Grey Wall, White Bowl Sink, Wooden Side Table, Shower Area, Glass Partition
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Tub, Wooden Vanity Table, White Sink, Large Mirror
Bathroom, Orange Patterned Floor, White Wall, Wooden Floating Cabinet With White Top, White Round Sink, Ovale Mirror, White Tub, Golden Faucet
Bathroom, Brown Stone Floor Tiles, White Subway Wall Tiles, Brown Stone Tub, Wooden Floating Vanity, Brown Marble Round Tall Sink, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Built In Shelves, Brown Wall Tiles, Glass Pendants, Pink Tub, Glass Window
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Tub, Glass Window

If you want to have a bathroom where you can relax comfortably, you would want a perfect place to do it. And adding tub in your bathroom would help you get what you need. With tub, you would be able to sit and ponder, relaxing in the water. When you relax, you would also want to see the beauty of your own bathroom so that you can get even more relaxing time. This below are some stunning bathrooms with tub that you would love to have, especially if you love modern style.

Bright Bathroom
Drawing your bath in this tub would be amazing. With glass window at the level of your eyes, you would be able to get relax while also looking around the outside view. This simple tub looks calming and the fresh air coming through the window would make your body feel refreshed.

Bright and Fresh
Similar to the previous one, this one also gives off an incredible bathroom with bright light comes in from above. The plants hung from the ceiling make the bathroom looks even fresher. The neutral setting makes the details look pronounced.

White on Grey
This is also a minimalist bathroom that looks so beautiful. The grey wall and floor bring a nice and easy canvas for the big white tub to look prominently beautiful.

Pretty Simple
This modern bathroom looks so pretty with its small and simple details. The tub, the shower and sink look easy on this neutral bathroom. A pretty touch is added through a pendant that gives pretty shadows at night and day, as it is positioned near the bright window.

Simply Natural
This gorgeous bathroom is filled with natural and simple details. The white wall, tub and sink blend perfectly well with wooden stool and vanity table. The big mirror on the wall makes the room feel whole larger and brighter while the plant and rattan pendant make nice details.

Natural and Netural
This modern bathroom is a perfect place to relax. The off white setting is really beautiful, enlightened with bright light from the window. The white tub is in the best position with beautiful view and fresh air are only in front of it.

Golden and Modern
This modern bathroom can look simple and golden at the same time with its bright setting and elegance details seen on the gold lines. The warm patterned floor and the wooden cabinet strengthens the warm and golden feeling in this calming bathroom.

Stony Modern
This natural bathroom looks so incredible with neutral ambiance that is brought out by the sandy colored stone on tub and sink. The natural vibe is simple and neutral yet it is the strongest impressive thing in this one.

Bulky White
This neutral bathroom is another bathroom that will be able to give you the most calming relaxation. The white tub will protect you in a relaxing bath and the glass window will give you calm vibe at day and night.

Modern Pink
This modern bathroom looks stunningly gorgeous with its pink tub and sparkling pendants above. The warm vibe supports the pink tub and the pendants make the room looks more elegant.

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