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10 Inspirational Ideas of Craftsman Style Fence

As we know that fence serve two different functions: protection mechanism and decorative accent that enable the house to look even more beautiful. Among many style of fence, craftsman style fence is one of fence model that is preferable for some people. Hence, this article will disclose ten inspirational ideas of craftsman style fence.

Craftsman Fence with Arbor

arched gate cedar fence arbor red brick green wall
360 Yardware

It is a type of craftsman style fence that has customized arbor and half-size hardwood gate applied. With the small square-shaped fence, this fence looks so eye-catching and so appealing. It is also well-applied in contemporary industrial house just like in the picture.

Los Angeles Simple Fence

craftsman fence front yard fence wooden fence banana trees green wooden house wooden door
Dattola Designs

It is another craftsman fence with simple look and hardwood material. Even though there are not many details applied, this fence still serves you pleasant feeling.

Asian Style of Craftsman Fence

craftsman fence front yard fence wooden fence pergola tiled black wall glass window
Environmental Construction

This craftsman style fence may take the idea of Asian fence looking from the wood covering the fence and the fence itself. You also can have the transition fence and the pergola as well for this style. It is indeed the craftsman fence that can be applied in the elegant house.

Transition Redwood Craftsman Fence

stain fence board on board fence pool stone wall
B. Jane Gardens

It is a craftsman style fence that is quite different to the previous models. This fence has red color that is so stunning and it is applied in horizontal line. Besides, it is nice to be on the side of the stone wall that is overlooking the pool.

Craftsman Fence with Pergola

craftsman fence wooden fence pergola gate trellis arbor
Pioneer Fence

It is a hardwood craftsman fence with arbor and full-sized gate. You also can have the pergola that enables you and your family and relax for a while along the fence. It is a solid fence but still retracting in the look.

Long Patio Craftsman Fence

craftsman fence redwood fence front yard fence garden fence
Dattola Designs

It is a patio craftsman style fence in the redwood that fully surrounds your house. Inside the fence, you may have your front yard with some flowering plants and trees to make your house even more natural.

Stone Pillar Craftsman Fence

arbor stone pillar cedar craftsman fence arbor light gate

This craftsman style fence has two big pillars and an amazing arbor above. It is also completed with the patio fence and small gate. The arbor lamp is another recommended thing you should have in this fence model.

Solid Board on Board Fence

craftsman fence board on board fence stone fence hardwood fence
Texas Best Fence

It is a board on board craftsman fence with the solid structure of hardwood. Also, it is so attractive with the stone foundation there. It is a great combination to have the stone and solid fence in your house.

Deck Craftsman Fence

back yard deck cedar fence window frame
Deck Remodelers

It is basically a home deck with the patio craftsman fence applied there. However, there are frame window on the fence that eventually bring a unique nuance of the fence. It is an idea you need to try to have something new in your house.

Entry Craftsman Fence

cedar fence entry space garden flower stone pathway
Five Dot Design Build

It is also unique idea of craftsman fence that at the same time function as the entry space. You can have the stone walkway and some garden flowers to compete the fence.