Considering the Incredible Small Modern Dining Table Sets

wooden dining table on the corner with black wooden chairs, light green wall, floating shelves, pendant

Having small space can be challenging but it does not mean that it can be done beautifully. Simplicity and minimalism have been really popular along with Scandinavian look. And their strength is making everything as simple and practical as possible.


The Interesting Notion of Tub in the Bedroom

bedroom with wooden floor, opened bathroom with wooden slats in floor and wall, clear divider,

It’s probably past 2018, but the interesting look where a tub is in a bedroom still bears in our mind. And for that, let’s jump into several gorgeous fascinating bathtub installed in the bedroom. For those who love romantic me-time,


Beautiful Iron Beds for More Elegant Kids Room

kids bedroom, chevron wooden floor, white wall ceiling, white iron bed platform, mauve canopy, wooden table and chairs, white modern chair, built in shelves, pink curtain, pendant

There are many options in choosing the bed platform you want for your kids. If you love natural material for bed platform, you can go to the previous articles. However, if you love stronger and sturdier bed platform, these ones


The Naturally Amazing Wooden Beds for Kids

kids bedroom, wooden floor, wooden kids bed platform with wraparound boards, white brown cabinet

In decorating an adult’s room, resisting wooden material is really difficult. It has the warmth, the texture, and it can be crafted into many shapes that meet many look. This makes wood becomes one of the most adored material in


How Rattan Bed Can Beautify Kid’s Bedroom

kids bedroom, rug flooring, beige wall, floating shelves, wall decortaion, white bohemian canopy, rattan bed, orange linene

Kid’s bedroom has been always decorated cheerful. It’s because in their bedroom, kids should feel that they are in their elements. However, of course we want to make them learn on what matters the most this time of the year.


Pretty Lights on the Patio for Romantic and Serene Vibe

Moroccan lamps on the wooden stairs in patio

When you have patio, either balcony, backyard or front yard, you will want to make sure that it looks good day and night, especially the one where you spent much time. Besides thinking about the furniture you want to put


Stunning Shower Components To Take A Look At

shower components beige wall and floor tiles glass shower enclosure built in shelves mirrored cabinet wooden vanity sink faucet toilet wall sconce

Creating a walk-in shower or a shower tub combo needs some shower components to make the functions in your bathroom work. Some of them are a hand shower, a shower head, the head shower rail, and other additional shower components.


Incredibly Amazing Windows to Give Maximum Level of Light

large glass window with round top with extended legs shape, white wall, stairs, white sofa, grey rug, chairs,

Windows are always the air that comes through every room. Lights that shine to any room. Windows are important to make the room looks brighter and warmer at the same time. And if you ever want to renovate your house


Beautiful Exotic Tropical Looking for Living Room

living room, white floor, brown rug, bamboo bench with cuhion, bamboo cofee table, rattan hanging chair, plant, wooden side table, large glass window

Happiness can be brought to living room through cheerful items that will make the room warm and inviting. These below are exotic tropical looks for living rooms. They accentuates more relaxed and comfortable look in the living rooms. Earthy Living


Naturally Unique and Good Shelves for Your House

round rattan bookshelves with uncomplicated patterns

While we’re still talking about furniture from natural material, let’s talking abut the shelves from wooden or rattan too. Have been a familiar shelves from old generation in a country like Indonesia, shelves from wood or rattan are genuinely pretty