The Incredibly Beautiful Smooth Neutral Concrete Floor

living room, dark concrete floor, white wall, white ceiling beams, grey sofa, grey chair, side table, grey floating shelves, fireplace

Floor is a very important thing in a room. Choosing the right treatment for the floor can take time. However, if you love neutral look that will bring some cool fresh temperature, you would love to use concrete floor. Concrete


Soaked in Pretty Tub, Japanese Way

white round soaking tub, white wall tiles, white floor tiles, wooden cabinet, golden faucet

Besides the regular long oval tub, relaxation in the bath tub can also be enjoyed in a soaking tub. It is a great option. With more height compare to the regular tub, soaking tub can get you submerge completely to


Creating Comfortable Window Seat in Children’s Bedroom

children's bedroom, brown rug, green shelves, green framed window, green cupboard, rattan pendant, orange flower pattern wall

Creating comfort and warmth in the children’s bedroom can be done by adding some plushy furniture or creating more places to sit. These ones below create comfort by adding window seat in the bedrooms. By the addition of seating, the


Clean and Bright Long Modern Kitchens

kichen, long space, wooden floor, glossy white cabinet, indented space, white wall, black stool

Kitchen feels the best when it looks clean and bright. It brings fresh look to the room and it makes you feel calm preparing the food amidst the heat and, sometimes, strong smell. Creating a clean and tidy kitchen will


Bringing in Traditional Touches with Farmhouse Sink in the Bathroom

bathroom, brick herringbone floor, white wall tiles, black wainscoting, dark brown cabinet, white long sink, white toilet, black pendant, black framed mirror

Creating bathroom can be really fun. The small space would make any of your attempt to look strong. That is why, small and simple touch can be really strong in the bathroom. If you wish to add something traditional or


The Incredibly Pleasant Small Open Kitchens

open living room, wooden floor, white wall, white planks, white bottom cabinet, white counter top, black pendant, wooden open shelves, wooden round table, dark wooden chairs

Kitchen itself can be an interesting place to gather with your family and friends, besides a place to create and cook. And that is why, putting dining table always feels good near the kitchen. It combines warmth from the kitchen


Fun Places the Incredible Rattan Swing Can Put In

rattan swing, wooden floor, white rug, large glass window

If you love to add some fun and cheerful note to your space, you can put some swings. Swings can work in any room. In a patio, it brings you the chance to enjoy yourself while you breath fresh air.


Modern Living Room the Millenials would Love

living room, blue rug, wooden coffee table, pink wall, white sofa, wooden chair, golden shelves

Lots of young people now are millenials. And they set the trend. With minimalist and modern look get to the trend, millenials love to make the best out of it. These ones here are ten modern living room that young


Shelves in the Kitchen to Decorate and Add Storage

wooden floating shelves, white wall, wooden floor, white bottom cabinet white counter top, grey fridge

Kitchen is a place to create. And this creation is done under hot air and sometimes strong smell. However, it is not all a kitchen can do. To create and to serve the food, it needs so many supports from


Perfect Corner to Read a Book

reading corner, wooden floor, white wall, glass window, bookshelves on window sill, white round table

Reading a book can look so easy. But, as hours upon hours go, your body will feel heavy and you will want to sit comfortably in a cozy chair. It is the perfect place if it’s situated in the corner