Compact and Functional Small Kitchen Arrangements

kitchen, wooden floor, white island, white wall, wooden cabinet, open shelves, black ceiling fan

If you don’t really enjoy cooking or don’t have much time cooking, you might not need a big fancy kitchen. But of course you will still need a kitchen in the house for minimal cooking or just to make coffees


Spending Time in Pretty French Bathrooms

bathroom, white marble floor, white built in cabinet, large carved mirror, chandelier, curtain

French style has been inspiring many people to create their own details at home. French details make the room elegant and charming that everyone love to have it in the rooms, it’s like capturing an old pretty look inside the


The Incredible Open Space for the Living and Dining Room

open space, wooden floor, wooden dining room, white modern chairs, glossy pendant, pink wall, black wall, grey sofa, white cabinet

Another open room that is popular is the open space that combines living and dining room. Combining living room with the dining table makes the space look comfortable and inviting. It would be a perfect place to social gathering. It


Dine In in the Open Kitchen

kitchen, wooden floor, wooden dining set, black wooden chairs, white wall, wooden open shelves, green bottom cabinet, wooden counter top, window

Making open space between dining room and kitchen can be really amazing. It makes the room looks airy and feels large. It brings connection between the rooms that it would be a perfect place for a party or gathering. It


Beautiful Details Added from the Bed Headboard

blue velvet headboard, sconces, blue side cabinet, white round ottoman, white floor rug

For those who love details, even the headboard of the bed would be really important. The smallest details can give a great effect to the comfort of the bedroom. For those who love to look at the smallest details, taking


Creating Fresh Beach Look in the Living Room

living room, white marble floor, white wall, white sofa, white blanket, brown tufted bench, white wainscoting, side tabl

Living room is a great place to gather and socialize with your loved ones. It is a perfect place to have some conversation. Having it in the perfect decoration would make your time in the living room even more amazing.


Focusing on Your Work at Home

home office, white patterned floor tiles, white wall, wooden top table, white office chair, brown accent, white floating shelf, rattan pendant

Working and studying at home can be challenging. With comfortable condition around you, you would like to get comfortable too and forgetting your work and study. And that is why, you would need a study table to support your focus.


Creating Comfortable Patio for an Enjoyable Afternoon

patio, light concrete floor, patterned floor, white wooden plank, light wooden sofa with white cushion, rattan chair, rattan pot, wooden coffee table

If you have some space in the backyard, you would love to turn it into a beautiful patio. While it can turn into a beautiful garden, it can also change your living area. You can put seats on the backyard


Creating Gender Neutral Nursery while Waiting for the Bundle of Joy

nursery, white wall, accent wal, white wooden crib, cream rug, rattan pendant, rattan ottoman

When you are waiting for your child to be born, many of you just want to wait until the child is born to know the sex of the child. The element of surprise and the happiness to just know that


Natural and Fresh Wooden Seating

living room, concrete floor, wooden sofa, white cushion, white patterned rug

In the living room, you would want to have everything comfortable and meet your preference. You would love to have your friends and family gather around in the living room. And that is why you would want your living room