Decorate Your House with Music Instruments Inspirations

black wooden bookshelves in the shape of piano, wooden floor, green rug

For those who love music instrument, having furniture inspired from music instrument would be amazing. These below are ten creative designed furniture inspired from music instrument that would be an apple to the eye. It will be a treat for


Inspiring Brown Bedroom Furniture Ideas You Can Get

brown bedroom furniture tan walls windows yellow chair brown bed headboard floor lamp nightstands brown dresser rattan side table bedding pillows

Some of you may be confused when deciding what color of furniture pieces that will suit the bedroom. If it’s happened to you, you just need to get furniture pieces with neutral colors such as white, black, or brown. For


The Beauty of Petite Powder Room

powder room, golden wallpaper accent wall, mirror framed mirror, golden table vanity with details, marbled top, sconces

Small rooms in your house under the stairs or near the living room where you don’t know what to do can work magic. It can be used for storage, of course, but if you want to add easiness in the


The Perks of Patterns in the Dining Room

dining room, green white floor tiles, patterned tiles on the wall, wooden table, rooden chairs, floaring wooden bench, pillow, pendant

Having patterns is something that not all people can do, especially more permanent patterns like in the wall and floor. However, patterns have its own charms. It can make the room more interesting. It makes the room livelier. Having patterns


Flower Images to Prettify All Your Rooms

yellow sofa with flowers pattern, wooden floor, white wall, white built in shelves, golden floor lamp, wooden coffee table, wooden side table

Flower can show many faces. It can show sweet vibes, calm vibes, feminine vibes, cheerful vibes, or bold look. With flower images on the room, the room will be more lively and interesting. These below are ten stunning flower images


The Charms the Stained Glass Window Have for Your House

stained flowery pattern glass window, alcove room, brown floor, yellow blue rug, beige sofa, brown round ottoman for coffee table, brown chairs, red table lamp

Window is the eye of the house where you can see the outer world without going out. That’s why a house with beautiful window is like someone with beautiful eyes. While window can be really simple and easy, it can


Luxurious Bathroom with Pretty Elements

bathroom, brown floor tiles, white wall tiles, white wooden vanity, brown top, mirror, sconce, white tub, chandelier, arch ceiling

As bathroom has been a time out place where you can relax and put the world outside of the door and claim your own world in the bathroom, a luxurious bathroom is a place where your needs to relax are


Prettify Your Book Shelves with Unique Book Ends

black cat steel book end

Bookshelves can look just like that without anything decorating it and it is enough sometimes. However, for those who are enticed with books, bookshelves are their gateways to another place and times and it can be a sanctuary that they


Adding Adorable and Beautiful Animals to Decorate Bathroom

golden swan faucet in a bathroom, white sink, pink marbled wall

Decorating bathroom can be really fun starts from the big things like shelves or small things like accessories. The big things are more permanent and you might want to keep it neutral so that it can be easily change and


More than Just a Decoration and More than Just Storage

rainbow pegboard with hooks and small boxes

When you decorate your room, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need. And you might also want to make sure that you have given the room the accessories or decoration that it needs, to create