Brilliant Kitchen Family Room To Be Amazed By

kitchen family room gray corner sofa patterned pillows round coffee table wall mirror glass console table blue island glass pendant lamps windows white cabinet range hood stovetop

Creating a transitional space in your home will reduce your cost. The most common transitional space is a kitchen along with a dining room. It has easy access for everyone. A family room can also be set near the kitchen


Elegant Showers in the Dreamy Bathrooms

shower room, brown marble wall, floating shelves, floating plants, glass ball pendants, wooden cabinet, whit sink, wooden mat

Bathroom can be another place to relax. When you’re in the bathroom, you cut yourself from outside of you even more private compare to the bedroom. And that’s why many people feels the need to make their bathroom perfectly fit


Fun and Joy You Can Add to the Stairs

colorful stairs on the top part, white rail, dark brown fence, colorful rainbow floor

Stairs can be just a transition for you. It can be a place where you don’t think too much as you only pass through it. However, if you want to go to details and put much more thoughts to it,


Study Behind Those Glass Windows

study, brown rug, white wall, large glass windows, tall white shelves, black lounge chair

Having a serious yet refreshing study can make your focus comes flowing well. You will have the mood to get on your work while you can also have some time out to enjoy the outside view. That it why, for


Warm and Exotic Living Room You Can Create

living room, grey floor, wooden wall, white wall, brown leaher sofa, rattan rug, ottoman, rattan coffee table, rattan chair

Creating warm and exotic living space is really fun. While decorating, you will think about all the sunny and natural touch you can add and it’s heartwarming. If you’re trying to create a warm living room with exotic touches, you


Lighting Fixture on the Bed Side

glass cone pendant bedside lighting, low stool, white linen, wooden floor, dark green wall

For those who pay attention to details, small things like lighting fixture would be really important, especially when it comes for a bedroom where they can choose personally what they want. And picking up the right lighting fixture can be


Wooden and Bamboo Platform for Natural Touches

bamboo bed platform, brown floor, cream wall, rattan rug, rattan pendant

Natural furniture is so endearing and easy to position in a room as it can complement any style. If you love to create something natural in the bedroom, you would love these inspirations below as it presents unique and beautiful


Creating Minimalist Look in the Bedroom

bedroom, grey seamless floor, white wall, grey ceiling, white bed linen, rattan pendant

Bedroom is a special place where you can take some rest and fill up your energy for the next activities. That is why bedroom should be really comfortable and meet your preference. If you love minimalist look where you don’t


The Refreshing and Essential Green Touch Around the House

dining room, wooden floor, wooden dining table, rattan table, white wall, white cabinet, white pot

Greenery can brighten a room and makes it refreshed. With green plants, the room would feel less suffocating (if there is one) and more liberating by the feeling of better air circulation. Adding greener can be essential when you try


White Greek Inspired Minimalism Space in the House

living room, white wall, white seamless floor, wooden sofa with cream cushion, wooden coffee table, rattan stool, naked ceiling, white wooden lamp

Greek style has been a strong distinctive force that you can differentiate at the first glance. The white surface around the room and the minimalist look on the wall and furniture has been the strong force in Greek space. If