Ten Ideas in Creating More Eco Friendly House

backyard with wooden porch, grass, plants, plants on the wall

Eco friendly life habit has been trending these days, and for a good result too. It’s not something you follow just to be as cool as other people. It’s something you do because you want to do sustainable life. And,


Storage for Your Kitchenware, No Cabinet and Cupboards on the Wall

kitchen with wooden cabinet, white pegboards on the wall with wooden shelves and nook

In choosing storage in the kitchen, you will need to consider the space that you have. It’s because any furniture you choose will affect on how the kitchen will look, especially if you have small space kitchen where you have


Using Marble Stone for Your Kitchen to Give Elegant and Cool Ambiance

kitchen with white cabinet with white marble counter top, white cabinet on top with wooden shelves, marble on the wall

Among other tiles, natural tiles are the most expensive. It is due to how it’s produce (through high levels of heat pressured) that it becomes rarer, the durability, the maintenance, and the naturally beautiful look. And among those natural stones,


Stunning Flooring Ideas Your Home Will Agree On

floor with mosaic tiles in warm colors of orange, brown, grey, black, white

Flooring is a really wide topic to discuss. In a house, there will be so many rooms with different function. And that means so many kinds of different flooring to think about. As bathroom has been discussed here  now here below


Beautiful Bathroom Tiles You Need to Consider Before Renovating

tiles with herringbone patterns for bathroom

Ensure a bathroom has everything you need and feel exactly you want it to be is important. You will want your bathroom to feel fresh and tranquil so that you get the best time in cleansing your body as well


Stunningly Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen Inspirations

kitchen with ashen look of green wooden cabinet island, with brown wooden top, copper sink, rug,

If you are a kind of person who love traditional look and wants to maintain an old and antique look, Farmhouse theme might be a perfect theme for your kitchen. It has been a really popular theme throughout the year.


Cozy Handsome Swings on the Balcony

white and brown eggshaped swings on the balcony with white wooden floor, white coffee table, white curtain

As stated in the previous post about balcony, a great balcony can be a place where you can enjoy your time outside your bedroom – well, sometimes people get tired of their own bedroom when they spend too much time in


Charming Garden Ideas to Enjoy Your Time in Your Balcony

balcony with brown wooden floor, white wooden bench, round small side table, plants on the silver pots on the floor, rug

If you have a balcony in your home or apartment, you can decorate your balcony beautifully so that it can be a place where you always be able to enjoy your time alone, or with your family and friends. To


Gorgeous Coffee Table Ideas that will Bedazzle Your Living Room

round wooden table with one side in the middle cut for shelvs

Living room is always the main place your family and friends gather together. In the living room, you will want to have open conversation, the real quality time with your closed ones. And that’s why, living room is place that


Splendid Ideas to Put Bookcases in Every Nook and Cranny

bedroom with wooden floor, white wall and ceiling, grey bed, bookshelves near the nightstands, under the bench

Bookcases or bookshelves are something we can’t decline to have.  It’s either magazines recipe book, or novels. They need a place where they will not be the clutters in our home and they will be more taken care of. If