Looking at Interesting Use of Clear Glass in the House

clear glass on the floor, low chairs, white wall

Glass can be used interestingly to create effect. With tinted glass, you would be able to get some colored shadow and with more colors, it can be more exciting. While there are many kinds of glass and many effects it


The Beautiful Application of Natural Look in the Modern House

living room, white rug, white sofa, green lounge chair, square coffee table, off white wall, pale yellow ottoman, side table, white covred table lamp

Natural look is always so endearing. The neutral color and the natural material can make the room feels so refreshed and warm at the same time. And putting natural colors in the modern room is like combining the two good


Creating Minimalist Touches in the House

living room, brown floor, rattan rug, white sofa, white chair, brown leather. white wall, sliding doors

Simple and minimalist look has been really popular. Those who are bored with the neon or strong and bold look might want to have minimalist look instead. It’s probably because it allows them to have something really different and make


Relaxing Window Bays that Help You with All the Bright Spirit

white window seat, wide round table, blue cushion, pillows, wooden floor, white storage, grey sofa, grey bench

Having window bay or window nook can be a really exciting thing. With window nook, it means that we have enough large window and that also means that we get enough light to shine in the room and bring warmth


Ten Beautiful Ways of Using Blue in Your House

library, blue wall, blue built in shelves, blue sofa, golden glass coffee tables, black sconce

Blue is always one of the favorite colors used in a house. Blue has neutral and calming vibe that it can bring out to the outside. It gives a room the feeling of mature and luxurious too. There are many


The Charms of Brick Floor to Warm the House

alley with herringbone brick floor, white wall, white framed tall window, clear glass pednant, white bench

There are many things you can do to make your house feel warm and comfortable. You can choose the furniture you need and you can paint the room in warm color. Another thing is by choosing the right floor. If


Creating Shabby Chic Vibe in the House

bedroom, pinkish floor, white wall, peach curatin, white bed, pink sofa, chandelier

Although modern style has gained its popularity, shabby chic style still has its own charm and lovers. And it is understandable as it has adorable look that will sweeten the ambiance in a room. The sweet details and color has


Brilliant and Creative Study Area by the Window Nook

wooden study by the window, white built in window seat with colorful striped cushion, wooden accent, white chair

Window nook has been used to many different functions. It depends on where the windows are located. When windows are located on the kitchen, it might become dining nook but when it is located on the bedroom, it might become


Adding Yellow Accents in the House

open dining room, white round rug, grey floor tiles, yellow wall white ceiling, white tulip table, yellow stools

Yellow is an interesting color. It can be bright and soft but it always gives lively and cheerful vibe in the room. It would make the room feels exciting. You can add yellow as the prominent color in the room


The Unique and Adorable Charm Hologram Furniture Brings into the House

hologram bathroom curtain, wooden floor, white wall, white wired shelves, white tub, glass window

Hologram has a distinctive hue. In anywhere it is on, hologram can brings many different shades, especially when it is faced into a bright light. It gives a really gorgeous shade. Because of this beautiful shade, many has produced furniture