Putting Interesting Thing in the Stairs

stairs with colorful colors and white wall

When people decorate their houses, they would focus more on the rooms while leaving everything in less detailed manner. If they have stairs, they would concern more about what kind of stairs they you use without getting too many details


Tall and Spacious Living Room for Fresher Air Circulation

living room, wooden floor, grey seamless wall, low pendant, pink sofa, grey chair, black tray table, grey ottoman

Having spacious living room is such a luxury not everyone can have. It is so comfortable to have large and big living room where you can get better air circulation and better light. Creating comfort in the spacious living room


Having Fun with Turquoise in the House

bedroom, wooden floor, blue wooden wall, white wooden ceiling, white rattan chair, green wooden stools

Turquoise color has refreshing feeling. Using turquoise color in the room would generate refreshing and serenity feeling. Because it is refreshing and sophisticated, turquoise can be used in any room, wherever you want to feel refreshed. This can be seen


The Large Glass Windows to Create Fresh Light and Air

playroom, wooden drawers on the floor, large glass window

Windows are always great addition to a room. With windows, energy can be saved, air can circulate better and room can feel warmer and fresher. It is never wrong to add windows to a room, even the large one, especially


Captivating Your Guest with Black Entrance

black entrance, black wall, black shelves, wooden floor, round mirror

Entrance is an important part of the house if you care about how your guest will perceive you. If you care about how you will be welcomed in your own house. Entrance is a place where people have the summary


Creating Beautiful Display for a Gorgeous Sight

white wall, white wooden floor, opened window, ratan sofa, colorful pillows, blue cabinet

Having a beautifully decorated room will make anyone feel even happier at home. Just looking at the beautiful sight can put smile on your face. The feeling of satisfying knowing that you have a nice sight at home will make


Bright Window Bed Comfortable to Read and Sleep

window, wooden floor, white wall, white wooden built in shelves, white bed, white cushion, blue converter

Window is always a great place to so many activities. It can be a great place to read, it can be a bright place to wake up and have breakfast in, and it can be a place where you talk


The Wonderful Mudrooms to be Inspired with

mudroom, grey marble floor, white wall, white cupboard, white drawers, grey cushion, white shelves

Mudroom is essential for a house that everyone comes inside would be clean and prepared. And when you tend to have lots of friends come to your home, you would want to safely and tidily store their belongings before they


Ten Comfortable and Inviting Farmhouse Entryways

entryway, wooden floor, wooden bench, wooden wide table, floating shelves, round decoration

Entrance or entryway is an important area of the house that needs to be taken care of. It will create the first impression of the guests that walk through your front door and it is also the first look that


The Powerful Impression Black Gives in the House

black dining room, wooden floor, black rug, black cabinet, black dining table, black chairs

Black has been a dark, deep and powerful color. Added in a room as a decoration seems like the furthest thing black can do. As black radiates a strong look, it is understandable that using black might get some people