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blue and clear molten glass pendant, white wall, wooden table, wooden chair The Home Depot

Modern Pendant With Blue And White, Wooden Table, White Wall
Farmhouse Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Brown Marble Top Island, Black Metal Pendant, Candle Shaped Bulbs
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Subway Backsplash Tiles, Marble Top, White Island, Wooden Top, Rattan Stools, Black Pendant
White Rattan Pendant, White Island, Wooden Floor, Wooden Rattan Stool, White Wall, White Subway Backsplash Tiles
Simple Industrial Pendant With Long Bulbs, Wooden Top Blue Island, Wooden Bar Stools, White Backsplash Tiles, Grey Upper And Bottom Cabinet, White Marble Top
Blue And Clear Molten Glass Pendant, White Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair
Farmhouse Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Black Bottom Cabinet, White Top, White Subway Wall Tiles, Golden Sconces, Black Cage Pendants, Black Island, Wooden Top
White Kitchen, White Wall, White Island, Wooden Shite Stool, Pale Blue Pendant, Silver Top
Glass Pendant With Golden Cylinder, White Black Dining Table, Rattan Chairs, Glass Window
Black Wire Pendant With Orange Small Pendants Shaped Like Snow, White Marble Top Island, Marble Backsplash, White Stool

Kitchen has been a great place to hold a social gathering in the house. It shows warmth and friendly feeling from the host to the guests. If you love to have people in the kitchen, t is even better to decorate it with pretty and nice things to make the visit in the kitchen feels more amazing. When you love people gather around the kitchen, you might want to have a nice island to be where people can stand and talk comfortably. Over this island, beautiful pendants are sure nice to admire. Here below are some incredible pendants over the kitchen islands that you would love to have.

Simple Industrial
This modern kitchen has a simple look with neutral colored on the floor, cabinet, and island. The pendants over the island are also simple with industrial little things.

Cage in Farmhouse
This farmhouse kitchen has a simple and minimalist bottom cabinet. The island is a match for the cabinet with plaid stool. The pendants to match this look is black wire over the island. This is a perfect match for the farmhouse look. On the wall, golden sconces are installed to accompany the lighting.

White Blue Pendants
This modern pendants are a great match for minimalist kitchen. If you try to decorate a minimalist kitchen, this pale modern pendants can put a pretty touch while still enhance the minimalist look.

White Beach
This fresh white kitchen has put some natural enforces that made the room looks like a white foam in the sea. The white rattan pendant matches the looks perfectly well.

Fresh White
This one is another white kitchen that puts some fresh look in it. It is seen on the glass window with fresh leaves outside. It also has wooden accent on the stool. Then to make a different touch, a pale modern blue pendants are added to this set.

Black on White
This farmhouse kitchen has a pretty minimalist color decorating the space with white cabinet with some touches of natural material and finished with black pendants.

Snow Pendant
This kitchen shows a pretty pendant with snow crystal look over the island. This makes the already luxurious look kitchen to look even more luxurious.

Molten Pendants
If you want to make a unique and modern look at the same time, molten glass pendants can do it for you. This one here show how simple molten glass pendants can prettify the minimalist look on the kitchen.

Golden Cylinder
For a serene and simple kitchen, a unique pendant ca give a fresh look. This one here shows a clear glass pendant with golden light in the cylinder that will cast a pretty glow when it’s on.

Classic Chandelier
In a farmhouse kitchen, warm and traditional look is what people are looking for. And to complete that, classic chandelier like this one here will just be the perfect choice. The black metal chandelier looks ancient and the candle shaped bulb makes a classic touch without all the hassles.

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