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a medium sized pond inside the house under the stairs with nude base, beige tiles around Pinterest

Small Poind Inside A Terrace With Grey Marble, Glass Window
A Big Aquarium Under The Stairs With Lamps, Plants, Wood
A Pond With Brown Tiles, Fishes, Plants On The Rim Of The Pond
Wooden Barrel As Little Pond With Fishes And Plants
A Big House With Small Square Pond On Wooden Floor With River Stones And Lotus Inside
Big Wooden Pot With Lotus Inside
Amedium Sized Pond With Water Plants Surrounded With Wooden Floor, With Open Ceiling, Plants And Rail
Upright Ponds Inside A Sunroom With Fish Like Shaped, Grey Tiles Rim, Brown Wall,
A Little Pond With Black Stone Base, Water Flowing On Top, Algae, Water Plants, Fish
A Medium Sized Pond Inside The House Under The Stairs With Nude Base, Beige Tiles Around

There are many options that we can do when we try to make our home feels fresher and airy. One easy thing is by having enough air circulation, letting your windows offering the breeze as well as the light. Other thing is by having plants inside your house in a beautiful order. It breathes oxygen to your room. And the other thing you can also do is by having a pond in your home. Although usually it’s only in the backyard, you can bring the water inside your home if you want. Now. let’s see how beautiful a pond can be arranged inside the house.


In a Small BarrelĀ 

One of the thing you can start is by using small can orĀ  wooden barrel like this one here. It will be big enough but not too big. With wooden barrel, you will be able to have the natural look of the wood, plus the water, fish, and plants.


Lotus on the Water

If you think your options are limited to fish, then you’re forgetting that you can have pond with plants instead, without any fish. True, that fish requires much more treatment. Thus, if you don’t have the time to take care another living things but you can settle with plants, lotus is one of the best plants you can try. And, having small wooden pot is a great start for you, too. Look at this pretty pot!


Build the Flow

If you renovate your house, you would want to think about a flow that will make your house with fresh feeling both in the air and in the ear. Water flowing will make a great music to the ear and that will always calm your nerves. Even a simple water pond like this one can make huge difference.


A Patch of Pond

If you want something more oriental, you would love a patch of pond in your wooden floor. It would be like walking in a bridge with a little part of the river. And, it can be simple too. With river stones, and lotus, it’ll be really pretty. Without mud, only clear water.


Fish on the Little Pond

Now, if you wish on little fishes swim on your pond, you will love to start with something small, especially if your space is small. With a small pond, you still make huge difference. The fresh of water, the water flow, and the fish will change the mood of the room.


A Medium-Sized Pond Inside

If you are so in love with big pond and think that it’s what you need, you will want something like this: a medium sized of a pond inside your house. The best thing about not-a-small pond is that you have more liberty to decorate it. You can put in more fishes, you can put more water plants. You will have more natural touch.


Under the Pond

This one is another not-small pond inside. The difference from the previous one is that the plants here are on the rim of the pond, not water plants obviously. And this one here are crowded more of fishes. And, instead of wooden floor,easier material like tiles are used to make the pond and surround the pond.


Under the Stairs

Ever wondering what to do with the space under the stairs? Well, if you don’t need storage space, a pond might be a great answer you can choose. With indoor pond, you will be able to look at the water while you’re on the stairs, or near the pond. It’ll be a great change of scenery.


Under the Stairs Pt II

Similar with the previous one, this one too is created under the stairs. However, instead of a pond, this one is more like big aquarium with low water. With this kind of aquarium, you can get your water plants, plants for moist place, fishes, even lizards.


Elevated Pond

If you prefer to not to dig your floor, you can build the pond so that the pond is elevated. With elevated pond, you will be able to create windows on the wall so that you can see the fishes swim around.

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