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japan style dining table white silk curtains black floor cushions wooden cabinet wooden dining table patterned table runner black tea cups Diane Bennett Bedford

Japan Style Dining Table Black Dining Table Grey Chairs Blue Shag Rug Silver Pendant Lamps Sliding Glass Windows Stove White Kitchen Cabinet
Japan Style Dining Table Tatami Wooden Vaulted Ceiling Chandelier Windows Window Shade Floor Chairs Area Rug Wooden Stairs
Japan Style Dining Table Beige Carpet Wooden Pedestal Table Built In Wooden Bench Windows Sakura Panel Decoration Indoor Plant
Japan Style Dining Table Dark Brown Shag Floor Cushions Japanese Dining Ware Wooden Cubbies Undermount Sink Faucet Stool Curtain
Japan Style Dining Table Wooden Dining Table Black Floor Cushions Green Area Rug Black Sloped Ceiling Indoor Plant Transparent Japanese Windows And Doors
Japan Style Dining Table Bamboo Rail Wall Grey Wall Grey Floor Cushions Floor Decoration Windows Grey Ceiling Window Shades Brown Floor
Japan Style Dining Table Wooden Chairs With Grey Cushions Wooden Floor Open Ceiling Pendant Light Kitchen Cabinets Wooden Stairs
Japan Style Dining Table Big Mirror Round Floor Cushions Brown Wall Window With Shade Beige Area Rug Pendant Lamps Wall Decor Mounted Shelf
Japan Style Dining Table White Silk Curtains Black Floor Cushions Wooden Cabinet Wooden Dining Table Patterned Table Runner Black Tea Cups
Japan Style Dining Table Wooden Dining Table Floor Cushion Yellow Floor Tatami Indoor Plant Floor Lamp Recessed Lighting Sliding Doors

When it comes to Japan style dining room, you may notice the unique furniture pieces with the wooden material. Japanese dining room is also popular with a low height dining table with a hole under it for the foot space or without a hole. The floor pillows are provided for seating. For the first time, it may be a little bit uncomfortable to have dinner without sitting down on the chair. But, you will be able to be comfortable with its modesty seating. You can also find the usual height dining table with wooden material and minimalist design. The compact dining room furniture pieces are really suitable for the Japanese interior design. The following are some wondrous Japan style dining table ideas that will inspire you to make a dining room in Japanese style.

A Dining Table with Round Floor Cushions

This Asian enclosed dining room has a grey wall, grey ceiling, and some windows with its treatment. The long wooden table and grey round floor cushions are prepared in the middle of the room. The bamboo rail with lights is used for decoration and lighting mood.

A Tatami Dining Room

This Japanese tatami dining room features tatami mats and garden view.  You can find tatami chairs instead of floor cushions. It will be more comfortable to rest your back. They are great companions for the low custom dining table.

Yellow Tatami Floor

This brown wooden japan style dining table is placed on the yellow tatami floor along with the cushions. The natural color palette makes this room calm and relaxing.

Pedestal Dining Table

This square wooden pedestal dining table is placed to complete the wooden built-in bench around it. The wooden bench will be a comfortable seating for a dining room. A floral screen decorates this room really well.

Dark Wooden Japan Style Dining Table

A patterned table runner, a flower vase, a black tea kettle, and black Japanese matcha tea bowls are set nicely on this low dining table. There are black floor pillows for more black accents.

A Minimalist Asian Dining Room

This dining room shows minimalist interior and the neutral color palette. The green, brown, white, and black have decorated this dining room.

Minimalist Wooden Dining Furniture Pieces

The dining space is located near the kitchen. It features a wooden japan style dining table and wooden dining chairs with grey cushions.

A Dining Table with Tatami Hole

This Japan style dining table is placed on the tatami hole. For more comfortable seating, you can put some small round floor cushions on the tatami. It may feel like a small dining space without the big mirror presence.

Transitional Kitchen

This low wooden dining table is arranged next to the kitchen. To differentiate the kitchen space and dining space, the tatami is used for the dining space and low wooden floor for the kitchen space.

Modern Minimalist for Asian Dining Room

You can get modern furniture pieces for your Asian Dining Room. You should look for the minimalist furniture pieces with neutral color.

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