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modern exterior home with white painted wall, large glass window, large yellow door, flat roof Mod Shop

Two Story Midcentury Home With Nude Wall And Glass Wall, Orange Bricks, Flat Clean Roof
Midcentury House With Normal Sleek Rof, Naked Bricks Look On The Wall, Large Glass Windows, Green Door, Fence
Midcentury Home With Glass Window Wall At Front, Wooden Wall, Slanting Roof, Red Wooden Door
Midcentury Home With Wooden Wall Part Of The Hosue And Glass Window Part Of The House, Siding Wood Roof On The Patio, Second Stoy With Large Glass Windows
White Long Mid Century Homes With Large Windows, Glass Door, Large Patio On The Back, Thin Slanting Roof
Modern House With Slanting Roof, Brown Naked Brick Look, Light Brown Door, Vertically Arranged Glass Window, Grey Painted Wall
Mid Century Homes With Grey Wall And Brown Wooden Outer And Glass Window And Door For The Front Room, Slanted Roof
Home With Mid Century Exterior With Grey Side Wall, Wood Isding On The Front, Slanting Roof With Three Square Holes, Windows On Front Part
Midcentury Modern Home With Yellow Textured Wall, Yellow Painted Wall, Flat Roofgrey Concrete Way,
Modern Exterior Home With White Painted Wall, Large Glass Window, Large Yellow Door, Flat Roof

Mid Century style has been a favorite for years. It’s all thanks to the sleek and clean lines that show simplicity without taking the art touch. That is why it is not only in interior decoration that mid century has been people’s favorite. Mid century style also take its reign in exterior design too. And below, you will see so many brilliant design of mid century homes which might leaves you idea to do to your home.

Simple Sleek Modern Home

In this picture, you can see that the sleek lines can be pronouncedly seen in the roof. The wall in brown wood and grey painting without anything in complicated details are also the character of modern style. However, even from the absences of details, this house does not fail to bring beauty.

Beautiful Slopes

In this home, it can be seen how the sloping roof that has been separated but combined artistically. The front part of the house is layered with brown wooden siding that goes perfectly. With large windows on one part of the front, the house will not lack of lights.

White Long Line

When you have so many glass window and doors, you make sure that your place surely will get as much sunlight as possible. It will seem airier too, not to mention if you like to open the door to a beautiful yard in the back. Your place will look simple without forgetting the important point to artistic home.

Red Door Amongst

In this all simplicity of mid century modern home, the red door really seek for attention. With large glass window to replace the wall, red door is a really bold choice. Among all the simplicity of clean lines and glass and wood material, it gives a really fresh touch.

Yellow Hold Doors

Just like the previous one, in this house, they choose a bold yellow color to steal the attention. By putting it for the door, they yellow color remains a bold great touch among the white wall.

Green amongst Nude Color

In this picture, the color of the house is similar to the surrounding and it looks like it unites with the nature very well. The green turquoise door gives a small touch yet great difference.

Two-Story of Simplicity

Midcentury home might be associated with simplicity and in this picture, the feeling of simplicity reaches the top level. It looks like two blocks put to be one. Both are having large windows as a replacement of solid wall, facing a large pretty yard.

Half Glass Half Wood

If the previous ones emphasize on the glass use for solid wall replacement, in this house, the building has two kinds of wall. While one uses glass window on the entire wall surface, the other uses wood siding as the wall.

Square House

With clean lines in every way possible, this home seems simple. But of course, this is also one of the most beautiful houses ever. With warm yellow-brown painted wall, completed with textured wall in the same shade, this house stands profoundly.

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