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wooden chair with yellow velvet cushion, maching ottoman, wooden floor, blue white rug, blue ottoman, white wall, green wall, white wooden cabinet Mi Casa Revista

Wooden Chair With Yellow Velvet Cushion, Maching Ottoman, Wooden Floor, Blue White Rug, Blue Ottoman, White Wall, Green Wall, White Wooden Cabinet
Yellow Grey Velvety Chairs, Wooden Floor, Dark Blue Wall, Round Wide Table
Dark Green Chair With Wingback Accent, Dark Grey Floor, Dark Brown Wall, Golden Coffee Table
Brown Leather Chair With Smooth Curvy Shape, Metal Support, Grey Floor, Black Cabinet, Black Floor Lamp
Brown Rattan Chair, Light Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Grey Sofa, White Wall, Window, Pillows, White Coffee Table
Green Chair With Golden Metal Support, Seamless Floor, Beige Wall, Beige Ottoman, Black Floor Lamp
Soft Pink Velvet Round Chair, Gold Support Legs, White Seamless Floor, White Wall, Golden Side Table With Glass Top
White Chair With Flower And Leaves Pattern, Soft Brown Rug
Green And Pink Chairs With Flowery Pattern, Wooden Floor, Round Side Table, White Wall, White Curtain
Flowery Patterned Chair, Woden Floor, Blue Wall

In the living room, having a distinctive accent can change the room big time. A neutral minimalist room can looks more lively and cheerful with one change. One of a practical accents is chair. With accent chair, you would be able to make your room not only more joyful but also more warmth. These below are ten gorgeous accent chair you might like.

Brown Curve
This interesting brown chair would be a great accent to be added to your living room. And not only the fact that it has warm color among black and neutral surrounding but also because it has comfortable look.

Bright Lounge
Lounge chair is a common accent chair as it is usually added only one in a room. With lounge chair, you would be able to get the best relaxing seat. This one looks comfortable to sit in. And not only that, as an accent chair, it gives the best work.

Green Comfort
If you’re looking for comfort in simple shape, this one here will deliver your wish. With comfortable design, it will ensure you that you get a cozy sitting. And with its golden lines, the room is added with some glinting accent.

Patterned Chair
Pattern will easily give accent to your room, especially when your room is quite neutral and minimalist. With something like this one here, you would be able to get a neutral based accent chair.

Flora Patterned
Similar to the previous one, this one also deliver accent in its pattern but with more intense pattern and colors. Positioned on a plain or minimalist surrounding would make this one look pronounced and the room feels more joyful.

Dark Hue
Although this one here has a dark shade color for an accent chair, the wingback accent and the dark surrounding make the room touches with elegant accent. It would be a balance and subtle accent for a luxurious room.

Soft Pink
For those who love soft and calming color, pink can be a great accent color too. It can be the bold one or the soft one like this here. With its velvety material, it would be not only a soft accent but also a comfortable one.

Rattan Chair
With its unique material, rattan chair can easily be an accent chair. But when it also has an endearing design, it would be the jewel of the room. Adding some pillows and seating can help it to be the most comfortable seat you have.

Bold Combination
This one here shows a bold combination from bold pink and green chairs. And not only that the color is bold but it also have a popped up pattern so that together it looks clash but it makes the room looks more lively.

Velvety Combination
Similar to the previous one, this accent is also gotten from the combination of two chairs. And even though they are velvet chairs, the bold and neutral color brings a balance look to the dark and neutral surrounding.

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