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bedroom, three asymmetrical beds, white wooden bed platform, stairs, colorful bedding Ikea Hackers

Bedroom, Three Asymmetrical Beds, White Wooden Bed Platform, Stairs, Colorful Bedding
Bedroom, Grey Floor, Colorful Round Rug, Orange Bunk Bed Platform, White Wall
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Wall, White Fence, Colorful Cushion On Top, White Bed Platform With Drawers, Pink Shelves
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Floating Bed, Wooden Bed Platform, Study Table
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Shiplanks, Wooden Bed Platform, Beds On The Floor
Bedroom, Grey Wooden Bunk Bed, Wooden Floor, White Rug
Bedroom, Three Beds On The Floor, One Bed On Top, Wooden Platform, Toys, White Pendants
Bedroom, Wooden Wall, Wooden Bunk Bed, Cabinet And Clothes Rack Under, Floating Wooden Shelves, White Lamp
Bedroom, Dark Floor, Blue Rug, Green Wooden Bunk Bed With Drawer, Built In Shelves, Paintings, Shelves, Chandelier
Bedroom, Yellow Bunk Bed With Yellow Drawer, Yellow White Stairs, Round Green Shelves

If you want your children to be together in a bedroom, but you want to make it more fun and not opt for twin beds, you can go with bunk beds. It will give the children a more diverse surface to explore and it will give them the fun on being on top or on the bottom beds. If you’re not sure where to start, this is a compilation where you can look for some inspirations.

Storage Under
In this bunk bed, the bed is positioned above some space that is perfect for storage. This is a great idea to maximize the space in the room, especially if the room has limited space. The rustic feeling in this one below has its own charm that makes the bedroom looks interesting.

Fun Bunk Beds
This one here gives an interesting look. Not only it is just ordinary bunk beds but it separates the top and the bottom fiercely that it looks like different room. It would be a great thing for children who loves to role play as this allows them to explore more ideas to play.

Orange Bunk Bed
For those who love simple design, this bunk bed is a great option. The simple lines and design looks so easy and light in the eye. The orange color, however, puts a strong note to it that the simplicity is even more pronounced. And warmly.

Built-in Beds
An interesting sight is this yellow bunk bed bellow. Because it is built-in, it looks really easy and smooth. The holes make an interesting touch while also giving another alternatives to get up to the top part.

Asymmetrical Beds
This bunk bed makes an interesting look by being positioned asymmetrically. The interesting pat is also the study table that is added under, along the bed.

Three Beds
This one here is a great thing to do when you have to prepare for three people. Having two beds on the floor and on bed on different direction making the bedroom looks interesting and fun. The wooden material warms up the space too.

Different Stairs
This is another asymmetrical bunk beds that look so fun and interesting. The stairs are positioned in different place that gives the bed below some interesting “window”.

Lots of Beds
This one here if perfect for those who need lots of bed. The beds on the floor have three places and it means that the top part can be either for sleeping or playing some role play as it is shaped like a house too. With colorful pendants, the room looks so fun and cheerful.

Grey Minimalist
While the previous one looks so crowded and colorful, this one here looks so minimalist with the simple details and neutral color. However, this one is not that simple. The bottom bed is double the size of the top one and this means it is a great option for older and younger siblings.

Compact Green Beds
This one here also gives a simple look. But, with the big design, it gives a strong and sturdy ambiance. The built in shelves and study table on the side gives the children the best feature in the bedroom.

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