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powder room, grey floor tiles, blue wainscoting, blue wallpaper, golden mirror, white wooden cabinet Farm Food Family

Powder Room, White Tiny Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Subway Wall Tiles, Powder Wallpaper, White Marble Sink, White Toilet
Powder Room, White Marble Floor, Gery Marble Wall, Grey Floating Cabinet, Square Black Sink, Copper Pendant
Powder Room, Grey Floor Tiles, Blue Wainscoting, Blue Wallpaper, Golden Mirror, White Wooden Cabinet
Powder Room, Blue Wallpaper, Golden Framed Mirror, Golden Sconces, White Marble Sink
Powder Room, Patterned Floor, Wooden Wall, Wooden Vanity Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Oval Sink, Carved Wooden Framed Mirror
Powder Room, Black Floor, Blue Floewry Wallpaper, Blue Cabinet With White Top, Classic Sconces, Golden Framed Mirror
Powder Room, Black Wall, White Floating Marble Sink, White Toilet, Glass Bulb Pendant
Powder Room, White Wainscot Vanity, Grey Marble, Grey Wall, Golde Faucet, Wooden Door For Mirror, Black Pendant
Powder Room, Black Wall, Black Accent Wall, Black Floating, White Round Sink, Round Mirror, Geometrical Lined Pendant, White Floating Toilet
Powder Room, Black Floor, Flowery Wall, White Sink, White Toilet, White Sconce, Round Mirror

When you have guests all the time, it would be more practical to have small powder room near the living room so that anyone can use it without going into more personal space in the house. With powder room, you would be able to serve your guest well and you would also have another room where you can have fun decorating. Although it is small, it is important to create a strong good impression to the guests. If you’re trying to find the right style to decorate your smallest room, here below are some inspirations.

Blue French
Creating a strong look in a small room would look even stronger. Seen in this one is a strong blue French look with beautiful blue flowery wallpaper and matching blue cabinet with curve details. These are completed with classic sconces on the wall that make the room even French.

French Vanity
This one is another French vanity that will anyone who love pretty sight falls in love. The blue wallpaper is pretty and it is completed with mirror with golden details on the frame and golden sconce. The simple white marble gives balance while looking really pretty itself.

Fresh Blue
This one here puts a more traditional look although it has similar blue nuance just like the previous one. The blue wainscoting and the white wooden cabinet in here put a more plain look that it gives balance to the patterns on half top of the wall. The white cabinet and the sconces make a nice pair in this one.

Black and White
If you think your space is too small, maybe, going on black and white would be the perfect choice. This one puts black wall on the room and makes the room go beyond while still adding some white touches on the sink and toilet.

Copper Touch
This powder room has an elegant neutral look because of the marble on the floor and the wall. The neutral accent though is supported by the minimalist floating cabinet. In this neutral setting, a pretty copper pendant gives a really beautiful touch.

Flowery Powder Room
This small room is covered by flowers. And for a small room, it means a strong look. This strong accent is completed with white companions like sink, toilet, and sconce.

Simple Flower
Similar to the previous one, this one also basks the room with flower wallpaper. Although, the half bottom of the wall is covered with white subway tiles that makes the room more modern. The white sink and hexagonal tiles make it even more modern.

Elegant Classic
This vanity brings out many unique accents. The pendant above gives dark exotic ambiance while the wainscoted vanity and grey marble top gives an easy modern look. The mirrored door on the mirror gives an “inception” feeling. It’s a strong vibe from a small spot.

Deep Black
Having a deep dark powder room would obviously make anyone impressed. This one here puts a small white touch with toilet and sink only. And this has made the room look interesting.

Exotic Rustic
This powder room has a strong look with exotic and rustic ambiance. If you’re looking for this kind of look, you can try going to antiquities.

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