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Corner, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Thick Fluffy Mattress, Pillows, Lamps
Backyard Corner, Pebbles Stones, Crate Bench With White Cuhion, Pillows, Plants, Crate Coffee Table, Basket Lamps
Backyard Corner, Wooden Floor, Black Wooden Bench Near The Fence, Nesting Table, Pillows, Black Round Pots, Black Wooden Cage, Black Wire Chair With White Cushion
Backyard Corner, Wooden Floor, Crate Bench, Pillows, Plants, Black Wooden Fence, Crate Coffee Table, Comfort Chair
Backyard Corner, Wooden Floor, Wooden Fence, Crate Bench With Cushion, Pillows, Nesting Coffee Tables, Rattan Ottoman
Backyard Corner With Black Whtie Rug, Black Wooden Round Coffee Table, Wooden Sofa With White Cushions, Pillows, Striped Big Umbrella, Black Wooden Shelevs
Backyard Corner, Wooden Floor, Wooden Screen, Wooden Built In Corner Bench, Wooden Bench For Plants, Round Coffee Table
Backyard Corner, Grey Floor Tiles, Black Rattan Coffee Table, Black Rattan Corner Sofa With White Cushion, Black Thread Chair, Black Wooden Fence, Plants, White Lanterns
Backyard Corner, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bench With White Cushion, White Cushion On The Floor, White Crate Box, Ottoman, Lamps, Pillows
Backyard Corner, Rugs, Rattan Ottoman, Crate Bench With Cushions, Pillows, Wooden Wide Table, Lamps, Plants

Having a backyard is a bless. And to be able to decorate it the way you want it is a privilege. While you can leave your backyard untended (it’s a choice), you can do otherwise. Backyard can turn into a beautiful garden with small lamps and small paths in the middle. It can also be added with small cozy corner where you can enjoy your own space in calm. Here below are some beautiful corner in the backyard that you might want to see to get some or more inspirations.

Refurbished Garden
Getting warm vibe is important if you love comfortable look. Gathering items in wood, especially the refurbished ones like this one, brings warmth to the look. It is eco-friendly and if you can reuse what you already have, it’s like an achievement in its own.

Low on the Floor
This one here shows what one can do with small space. Even with a limited space, a cozy corner can be created just as comfortable. With fluffy mattress and pillows, blankets can be thrown to help enjoying the night wind outside.

Comfort Spot
Besides the fluffy and thick cushion and mattress to brings out the cozy look and feel, small orange or yellow lamps can help the corner to illuminate warmth. IT also radiates romantic and sweet vibe in the backyard.

Strong Corner
For a stronger and permanent set, a set up like in a living room can be applied in the backyard corner too. Added with big umbrella and patio lamps, it is a perfect comfort.

Behind the Fence
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses refurbished crate as the bench. And all it needs to do is adding comfortable cushion on it and some pillows. Located behind the fence with all the vines, it looks fresh and warm altogether.

Pure Comfort
Using white to look fresh and neutral is really appealing for a cozy backyard corner. And this one has successfully done it. With crate bench both in the seating and back, the white cushion looks fresh and match the light look perfectly. It is also used for the coffee table.

Wooden Comfort
With wood material exposed, the patio looks warm but with strong and rough ambiance that pillows are necessary to make it more comfortable. However, the roughness enables plants to linger on the surface just well to make the look fresh.

Black and White
Black and white have always made stark comparisons and it is endearing to see the contrast in the corner of the backyard. Seen in this one, the black rattan sofa and table puts white cushions in balance. While the white lantern and pots puts black wooden fence in contrast.

Dark Corner
Similar to the previous one, this one uses black to the bench, table, and some of the pots too. This made the corner quite dark But the ashen wood look, it is balanced. The dark look has made the green leaves bolder too.

Behind the Screen
If you love privacy, wooden screen like this one can give it to you. It is also a pretty sight to add that will not hurt the beauty of your backyard. You can hang plants of lamps on it too.

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