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oval shaped backsplash exodus white granite countertop black island white cabinet black cabinet white pendant lights wooden floor River Bendsw

Exodus White Granite Countertop Exoduse Granite Backsplash Floor To Ceiling Dark Cabinet Wood Hood Glass Ceiling Lamps
Oval Shaped Backsplash Exodus White Granite Countertop Black Island White Cabinet Black Cabinet White Pendant Lights Wooden Floor
Wooden Cabinet Exodus White Granite Countertop Book Shelves
White Cabinet Exodus White Granite Bathroom Spacious Mirror Glass Door Ceiling Shower
Exodus White Granite Counter Top Working Space Dark Cabinet Tiled Wall
White Granite Bathroom Dark Faucet Undermount White Sink Wooden Cabinet
Glass Ceiling Lamps Exodus White Countertop White Cabinet Grey Tiled Backsplash
Exodus White Granite Countertop Granite Island White Cabinet Undermount Sink Stainless Steel Faucet
Exodus White Granite Countertop White Cabinet Tiled Backsplash Pendant Lights
White Cabinet Silver Tiled Backsplash White Exodus Granite Countertop Black Bar Stool Metal Pendant Lights

Exodus white granite is undeniably one of material most people will choose in modeling their interior design. This material is preferable since it can serve the genteel feeling wrapped in the elegant nuance. The use of exodus white granite in the island or cabinet countertop is such appreciable idea.

Contemporary Kitchen Island with Exodus Granite as the Countertop

This design offers you splendid combination of white granite countertop, white granite backsplash and floor-to-ceiling cabinet dominated by dark color. The glass pendant lights are other features that can refresh your mind.

Dark Kitchen Island with Exodus White Granite Countertop

The outlook of this kitchen design looks so cool with well-blended color of white cabinet and dark cabinet. The island serve you the elegant feeling with the white and black granite countertop. Bringing the consept of bar kitchen, who will  refuse the comfort provided by this kitchen?

Working Space with Granite Countertop

This working space with granite countertop is suitable for your who work with the practical jobs such as craft. Aside its comfort, the cabinet will accommodate your need in keeping your stuffs.

Exodus White Granite at the Bathroom

The domination of white color in this bathroom generate the feeling of peace and calmness. However, the use of white granite with some touches of black is able to enrich our mood.

Majestic Outlook

You will be mesmerized by the design of elegant dark dining table with white and black exodus countertop. Even though the chairs seem in old-fashioned style, it does not diminish the majestic feeling created by this kitchen.

Cabinet Countertop by Exodus Granite

It is another idea to put the exodus granite as the countertop of cabinet and book shelves. The simple wooden cabinet is well matched with the granite countertop in combination of white, black and beige color. The granite countertop itself is an additional point giving you spacious place to put some stuffs you wish.

Clean White Granite Countertop

This kitchen looks so neat and clean with the features dominated by white. The white granite countertop, white cabinet and gorgeous glass ceiling lamps are so lovely. The grey touch of the backsplash and elegant brown of the cabinet are exigent for you to have.

Kitchen Island with Neat White Granite Countertop

This single kitchen island offers you with the simple design of island with black and white granite countertop. This countertop, however, is well  featured with the double undermount sinks and stainless steel faucet. It is good choice for you who love simplicity.

White Granite Countertop and Dark Cabinet at Bathroom

It look simple yet a bit old-fashioned model. However, this design is still adored with how the simplicity of white countertop is featured with the dark cabinet and the faucet.

Small Island in the Bar Kitchen

This small kitchen island with black and white granite countertop complete the splendid outlook of the bar kitchen. The metal pendant lights seems simple but refreshing as well.

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