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Storage is an important item in every room of your house. Besides being used to keep some of your belongings, the storage cabinets can be a place where you can display your decorations. A bathroom a place where you should put storage to keep some of the bathroom needs and clean towels which are ready to take. A storage cabinet can be added in a bathroom but make sure to measure the space in order to make the cabinet can be fit inside. The following are some nifty bathroom storage cabinets which will inspire you to have a nice spacious storage option in your bathroom.

A Narrow Bathroom Storage Cabinets

A custom narrow cabinet is made to well placed between the shower space and the acrylic freestanding tub. The cabinet offers some drawers, open shelves, and closed shelves with glass doors. This floor to ceiling cabinet really made use of the space well in the bathroom.

Classic Bathroom Cabinet

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or something in between, the charm of white with the warm off-white is really suitable for those hues. Instead of a vanity sink, this bathroom offers a freestanding sink and a separated cupboard as the storage cabinet where the owner can keep their clean towel.

Fun Yellow Bathroom Storage Cabinets

This white bathroom will be so boring if there is no yellow cabinet existence. The yellow paint can decorate and emphasize the unique cabinet design really well. The yellow panel cabinets are also installed in a floating style which makes them interesting.

Cabinet for Contemporary Bathroom

Additional cabinetry storage can be created by wrapping the vanity cabinets around the bathroom wall. You should maximize the use of space in your bathroom. These cabinets offer some storage options such as the drawers and shelves with glass doors.

Mirrored Bathroom Storage Cabinets

The white and grey combination in this bathroom looks so amazing. It represents a clean stylish look which is suitable for a small space. The medicine cabinet with mirrored panel doors was a custom piece. It can reflect the lighting and make space look wider.

Maximize The Space Using Cabinet

You should make sure the sizes of vanity and linen closet can maximize the space and at the same time fit comfortable within the bathroom. It is one side open and one side closed cabinet which is so easy to access.

An Architectural Feature

This coastal bathroom offers an in-wall cabinet with architectural grille insert. The interesting wire/ mesh door gives a nice vibe and lets us see the inside. The hidden bathroom storage cabinets can be a way to show the creativity of the owner.

Storage Among The Cabinets

Plane stages of a bathroom by adding a storage cabinet next to the vanity. You could simply raise the countertop which makes it higher than the vanity countertop.

Add The Glam

These white bathroom storage cabinets have a glamorous touch by adding the gold hardware on them.

Rustic Cabinet

The design of the traditional wooden custom cabinets can add a special hint of relaxation while achieving maximum storage function.

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