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dining room, wooden floor, wooden dining set with white dinin table wooden legs, white chairs wooden legs, wooden floor lamp, whie cabinet, white rack Landscape Garden

Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, White Rectangle Table, White Midcentury Modern Chair, Beige Wall, White Round Pendant, Pink Ottoman, White Cabinet, White Floating Cabinet
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Round Pendant, White Dining Set
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Taable With White Legs, Midcentury Chairs, Wooden Wall, White Wall, Black Pendant,
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Metal Table With Rattan Back, Chandelier, White Chair, White Brick Fireplace
Dining Room, Grey Rug, Wooden Table, Grey Chairs, White Chandelier, White Wall, White Wainscoting, Rattan Plant Pot
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Round Wooden Table, Wooden Chair With Rattan Seating, White Wall, Modern Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table Rattan Chairs, Brown Pendant, White Wall, White Kitchenette
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, White Midcentury Chairs, White Floating Shelves ,white Wall, Black Table Lamp
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Set With White Dinin Table Wooden Legs, White Chairs Wooden Legs, Wooden Floor Lamp, Whie Cabinet, White Rack
Small Dining Room, White Tulip Able, White Midcentury Modern Chairs, Grey Rug, Wooden Floor, White Floating Shelves, Clear Glass Pendant

Dining room can be a place where anybody in the house can use it for so many reasons. It can be for dining, studying, or even just talking. However, for that, a nice and comfortable dining room is needed in the house to gather everyone. Here below are ten stunning ideas in creating modern vibe in the dining room.

Pale and Modern
This one here is for those who love modern look with pale and soft color. The ashen accent is seen through this pale look. It is a great place to study as it offers minimal disturbance coming from the look itself.

Neutral Colored
This one here creates a calm and neutral ambiance with white wall and light brown dining set. Warmth is offered by the rattan chairs and the antique looking table. Combined together, it is a beauty of its own.

Rustic and Modern
This one here combines modern look with rustic accent. It can be seen from the wooden material strongly support the room from the ceiling to the floor. The chairs are also with rattan back.

Modern Elegance
This one shows a beautiful and simple sight. The smooth surface and the clean lines shows a modern ambiance while the chandelier and the wall decorations offers a touch of modern elegance.

Gather Round
A round table can make the seating even closer. It makes people sit together closer. It brings warm and friendlier environment. Set in white, although it makes space feels closer, it does not feel too cramped. Completed with white round pendant, it looks pretty overall.

Simple Modernity
This one here shows a really simple setting with rectangle wooden table accompanied with white midcentury modern chairs. This dining set matches the background very well.

Warm Modernity
Modern room does not mean a clod room. This one here shows that with the help of rug and plants, even with neutral color and simple design, the room can be warmer. The simply curvy dining set brings warmth too to the dining room.

Small and Modern
Similar to the previous one, this one also presents simplicity in the modern look. The white tulip table is accompanied with white midcentury modern chairs. This combination looks simple yet so light and pretty with the details on the chairs’ legs.

White Furniture
This pretty sight is a combination of warm brown floor and wall as background and white Furniture. The simple details on the dining set, cabinet, floating cabinet, and lighting fixtures bring a clear, tidy, and pronounced details to the room.

Modern Style
This one has an interesting design on the floor lamp and dining set. In this small space, the attention would be drawn to the distinctive design of the floor lamp with wooden trunk which match by the dining set with white upper side and brown of wood material in the bottom side. The cabinet adn rack matches this combination as well.

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