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bedroom with white paitned wall, soft brown rug, white bedding, coral pattern cover, dark wooden side table, blue table lamps, dark wood bench, ratan basket storage, rattan framed mirror, Robin Gonzales Interiors

Bedroom With Door To Balcony, White Wall And Ceiling, Fireplace, Plants, White Blue Bedding, Brown Rug, Navy Bench
Bedroom With Soft Blue Painted Wall, White Bedding, White Blue Curtain, White Bench, Soft Brown Rug, Chandelier
Bedroom With White Wall And Ceiling, White Bedding, White Linen, White Navy Cover, White Bench With Cushion, White Side Cabinet, White Curtains
Bedroom With White Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Flooring, White Chair, White Bed Cover, Teal Bedding, Side Table, Teal Lamp, Seating Area In The Window With Teal Pillows
Bedroom With Blue Painted Half Wall, White Vertical Wood Paneling Half Bottom Wall, Brown Rug, Wooden Bench, Brown Couch, White Bedding, Seating Area In Window Nook With Blue Cushion And Storage
Bedroom With White Paitned Wall, Soft Brown Rug, White Bedding, Coral Pattern Cover, Dark Wooden Side Table, Blue Table Lamps, Dark Wood Bench, Ratan Basket Storage, Rattan Framed Mirror,
Bedroom With Soft Blue Grey Wall, Grey Bedding, Wood Flooring, Cream Side Cabinet, Table Lamp, Pendant Lamp
Bedroom With White Painted Wall, White Bedding, White Floor Lamp, Wooden Flooring, Blue And White Rug, Blue Cabinetry, Dark Wooden Side Table, Brown Laundry Bag
Bedroom With Soft Blue Painted Wall, White Horizontal Wood Paneled Wall, Blue Ceiling With White Wood Beams, Blue Rug, Blue Lounge Chair, Blue Bench, White Bedding, Blue Cover, Fireplace
Bedwoom With Soft Blue Painted Wall, Wooden Flooring, Turquoise Ottoman, White Bedding, Brown Rug, Brown Cabinets, Brown Aeman Lounge Chair, White Glass Window, Pendant Lamp

Beach theme room is really refreshing and it looks fun. It is not hard to have beach theme bedroom because what you need to concern is using pale or soft blue and purple, or white painted wall and try to use white furniture in your bedroom, to imitate white foam in the sea. Another way is by placing your bed near the window.  And try having accessories like seashells, or sand, stones, and coral. If you consider having beach theme bedroom, you can see some ideas here first.

Shell Pattern

There are so many things that go in beach theme in this room. This bedroom is in white with white bedding that has seashells in the pillow and cover. This accent has brought huge different to the room. The bench and side table are in dark wood that balance the color choosing. There are rattan baskets and rattan framed mirror, too.  And, the best light comes from the window beside the bed.

Calming Wave

With its soft blue in the wall, this room resembles a calm wave in the sea. There are white wooden beam and white accent in the wall to. The big glass window’s curtain is white, rather transparent. The flooring and ceiling is from wood that makes the room feels closer to the nature.

Blue in Whites

In this room, the whites that are used are in slightly different shades. However, it is still creates good whites in the room. The bedding, the curtain, and even the beautiful floor lamp are in white too. However, the room does not go too pale with a blue grey cabinet and a white blue pattern rug give a great touch to the room.

White Foam

In this room, everything is almost in white. Even the wall is in blue so soft it almost looks like white. The white bedding, bench, window frame, even the match pillow case and curtains make the room so soft. The wood bedding, bench, and side table that gives more shade gives a clear line. And the golden chandelier is a really nice touch.

Under the Sea

This room is in blue. Almost everything, beside the white panel wall in fireplace and window and door frame, is in blue. The soft blue rug, lounge chair, and bedding are really beautiful. The turquoise bench looks strong in the room. Another best thing is the glass window and door that lets as much light as possible to the room.

Grayish Blue

There are many shades of blue that you can use, although you might want to keep it soft. In this picture, the wall and furniture is in grayish blue shades. The view of sea completes everything.

Welcome Aboard

Although this room is in white, both in the furniture and the wall and ceiling, but the navy pillow cases and cover makes a nice balance to the room. The picture of a ship on top of the bed is a perfect touch to the room.

Soft Blue Comfort

You can do something on your wall like this one in the picture. The wall is painted I blue half way up. And the bottom down is white vertical wood paneling that matches the room.

White Radiance

The best thing you can do in having beach theme is putting your bed under or near a window. The bigger the window is better because it lets more light to come through. Good light might remind you to a good day in a beach.

Near the Balcony

If you have a room that lead to a balcony, you can have a good beach theme bedroom. With a good light in your room, you can just put some accessories that will bring much color to the room.

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