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Marvelously Cool Storage Beds NYC to be Stunned By

A bed that comes with storage is unquestionably a very cool bed to have since it’s a bed that has more than one function. First, it can be used as something to sleep on. Second, it can be used to store items. If you think about it, it can actually function as something that helps you save space as well. So the list of functions it has probably consists of more than two numbers. Anyway, if a storage bed is what you’d love to have in your bedroom, here are several marvelously cool storage beds used in rooms in New York you can get some awesome inspirations when trying to pick a storage bed from.

A Storage Bed in a Contemporary Bedroom

This storage bed is in a contemporary bedroom and it has beautiful pillows and a quite big drawer. The bedroom the bed is in itself is decorated by a flower and floral patterns on the wall.

storage bed nyc dark floor pillows wall decor drawer decorative plant contemporary style bedroom
Mark Hickman Homes

A Bed with Lots of Storage Spaces

This bed with lots of storage spaces is in a transitional kids’ room decorated by cool lamps that are installed on the wall around the window.

storage bed nyc dark floor drawers lamps window shelves pillows transitional kids room interior new york
Z+ Architects

A Storage Bed for a Girly Bedroom

This beautiful storage bed is in a transitional kids’ room with a mirror, lovely curtains, dolls, a beautiful floor and lovely pillows. The room the bed’s in is decorated by a stunningly beautiful chandelier.

storage bed nyc window carpet pillows doll table lamp mirror curtains chandelier transitional kids room new york

A Bunkbed with Storage

What finds its place in this bedroom is a bunk bed storage, which is in the same room with many books. The bedroom itself is decorated by a cool modern chandelier.

storage beds nyc bunkbed pillows drawers stairs bookshelves books chandelier traditional kids room new york
Rusk Renovations

Storage Beds in a Beach-style Bedroom

The storage beds in this beach-style bedroom find friends in the form of ceiling lights and a wall decor, which decorates the room together with a lovely carpet.

storage beds nyc light coloured floor carpet drawers window ladders ceiling lights beach style kids room new york
Victorian Balson

Storage Beds in a Rustic Bedroom

These storage beds are in a rustic bedroom decorated by a ceiling fan that is also a chandelier at the very same time.

storage beds nyc lamps chandelier shelves pillows wooden wall drawers rustic bedroom new york
Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes

In a Traditional Bedroom

These storage beds are in a traditional bedroom with big windows, a carpet, a stool, a lovely lamp and decorations in the form of flowers.

storage beds big window chair carpet shelf drawers stool mirror lamp traditional bedroom
Whitten Architects

A Bed with Big Drawers

This cool bed with big drawers are in a room with a ceiling fan, pillows in varying colours, cool lamps and a painting that functions as a cool decoration.

storage bed big drawers pillows painting ceiling fan lamps books contemporary bedroom
Jay Jeffers

A Storage Bed in a Beautiful Bedroom

This storage bed is in a beautiful bedroom decorated by a wall with cool patterns and a beautiful lamp near the headboard.

storage bed chair light coloured floor wall patterns drawers pillows curtains small table lamps midcentury bedroom
Kropat Interior Design

A Tall Bed with Storage

This tall bed with storage is in a room with a lovely ceiling, a cool modern lamp, a bedside table with a lamp, a cool carpet and a painting functioning as a decoration that beautifies the room’s wall.

storage bed carpet light coloured floor pillows small table lamps contemporary style bedroom
Ras-A, Inc.

A Big and Comfy Storage Bed

This big and comfy storage bed has white drawers and it’s in a bedroom with bedside tables with lamps, curtains with leaf patterns and paintings decorating the room.

storage bed curtains small table lamps pillows drawers paintings window contemporary style bedroom

A Colourfully Beautiful Storage Bed

This colourfully beautiful storage bed has some drawers and it’s in a bedroom with curtains that match the colours on the bed and pillows, curtains that help decorate the room.

storage bed drawers pillows curtain colourful item lamp beach style kids room
Historical Concepts

A Beautiful Storage Bed in a Beautiful Contemporary Bedroom

This cute bed with drawers is in a room with a green carpet and cool paintings and a decorative plant beautifying the room and improving its overall looks.

storage bed hardwood floor carpet seating drawers pillows cupboard glass door decorative plant contemporary style bedroom
Central Meridian Photography

In a Bedroom That’s in Love with Light Blue

This bed with storage is in a bedroom that’s in love with light blue and is decorated by artistically lovely items on the wall.

storage bed carpet dark floor small table lamps wall decor beach style kids room
Fitzsimmons Design Associates Inc.

A Very Tall Bed with Storage

This very tall bed with storage has wooden drawers and is in a bedroom decorated by what seemed to be a cool painting above the headboard.

storage bed drawers pillows small table lamp wall decor traditional kids room
Seaside Interiors

A Simple but Awesome Storage Bed

This simple but awesome storage bed has wooden drawers and it’s in a room decorated by a simple painting, a cute lamp and an item placed near the mirror.

storage bed carpet drawers pillows small table lamp window contemporary style bedroom

In an Elegant Bedroom with a Very Long Bench

This storage bed is in an elegant bedroom with a very long bench, a bed decorated by a cool ceiling fan with lighting and cool lamps near the headboard.

storage bed small table drawers lamps very long bench big windows ceiling fan pillows contemporary style bedroom
CAST Architecture

An Elegant Storage Bed for an Elegant Bedroom

This elegant storage bed sure has beautiful wood patterns on its body and it’s in an elegant bedroom decorated by a painting, decorative plants and more.

storage bed hardwood floor drawers pillows shelves books window curtain baseboard contemporary bedroom
Creating Contrast Designs

A Storage Bed in a Beautifully Decorated Bedroom

This storage bed with white drawers is in a cute bedroom with many dolls, a bedroom decorated by a beautiful chandelier.

storage bed drawers pillows carpet windows bookshelves books chair pillows dolls chandelier transitional kids room
EJ Interior Design

In a Bedroom Decorated by Lovely Pillows and Paintings

This storage bed is in a bedroom decorated by lovely pillows and paintings. The bedroom has a cool lamp and it’s without doubt a nice room to give to a kid.

storage bed shelves drawers lovely pillows paintings lamps carpet contemporary kids room
Design Broulette

In a Modern Bedroom Decorated by a Black and White Painting

This cool bed with storage has cool pillows and it’s in a bedroom and a black and white painting that decorates the room.

storage bed drawers chair pillows lamp painting modern style bedroom
Thirdstone Inc.

In a Kids’ Room with Decorations

This cute and lovely storage bed is in a kids’ room with wall decors functioning as lovely decorations for the cute and lovely room.

storage bed light coloured floor window curtain decorations pillows shelves wall decor contemporary kids room
Goldfish Interiors

Beds with Storage in a Bedroom Decorated by Letters

These beds with storage are in a cool bedroom decorated by letters, which can be used to cover the room’s windows.

storage bed wood floor pillows windows letters drawers shelf beach style kids room
Stedila Design

In a Farmhouse Bedroom Decorated by Flowers

This storage bed is in a farmhouse bedroom that’s decorated by small but beautiful yellow flowers placed near the bed.

storage bed light coloured floor drawers pillows shelf books chair flowers farmhouse bedroom
Virge Temme Architecture Inc

In a Bedroom Decorated by a Very Interesting Wallpaper

This storage bed is in an interesting bedroom with a very interesting wallpaper that effortlessly decorates and beautifies the room.

storage bed chair wallpaper drawers pillows desk shelves window lamp contemporary kids room
Scott Weston Architecture Design PL