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underbed storage solutions crystal chandelier white bedding throw pillows grey bench wooden bookshelves wooden cabinet glass windows wall sconces Inspired Interiors

Underbed Storage Solutions Black Pendant Lamp Green Bed Colorful Bedding Artwork Colorful Area Rug Black Side Table White Desk White Chair
Underbed Storage Solutions Crystal Chandelier White Bedding Throw Pillows Grey Bench Wooden Bookshelves Wooden Cabinet Glass Windows Wall Sconces
Underbed Storage Solutions White Built In Bed White Built In Shelves Drawers Colorful Bedding Colorful Pillows Glass Windows
Underbed Storage Solutions Pink Bedding Green Shag Rug White Bed Pillows Artwork Pink Curtains Crystal Chandelier White Drawers Windows
Underbed Storage Solutions Skylights Colorful Artwork White Bedding Wooden Bed Wooden Storage Wooden Headboard Pillows
Underbed Storage Solutions Orange And Grey Bedding Pillows Black Wall Sconces White Flat Panel Wardrobe White Shag Rug Black Artwork Wooden Armchair Floor Lamp Grey Flo
Underbed Storage Solutions Chandelier Black Office Chair Wooden Platform Bed Blue Bedding Pillows Windows White Cabinets Shelves Desk Curtain
Underbed Storage Solutions White Bedding Built In Headboard Wall Sconces White Ceiling Fan Windows Drawers Shelf Indoor Plant Wooden Floor
Underbed Storage Solutions White Bedding White Pillows Red Accent Walls Brown Carpet Wall Mounted Wooden Shelves Window
Underbed Storage Solutions Chandelier Textured Rug Wooden Bed Wooden Nightstand Table Lamp Wooden Headboard White Bedding

It is common to have a storage in a bedroom. Some storage choices for a bedroom are cabinet, drawers, and nightstands. They are used to keep belongings and maybe some beddings or cloths. Under the general bed is usually empty which is a waste of space. Therefore, you need an underbed storage or a bed with built-in storage. It can make the bed more functional and can save your money since you don’t need to buy more drawers or wardrobe. The following are some intelligent underbed storage solutions that you will inspire you to have more storage in your bedroom.

A Platform Bed with White Drawers

Besides a minimalist white wardrobe, this bedroom has a platform bed with minimalist flat panel drawers underneath. They are spacious enough to keep some beddings and cloths. Get a colorful bedding that can pop in this white bedroom.

Stock Up on Storage

Besides underbed storage solutions, you can get a storage chest. It is a versatile addition to the bedroom. You can fill it with extra blankets and pillows. Moreover, if you put it in a guest bedroom, your guests can stow their things inside it.

Drawers Under The Bed with Rope Handle

This cozy bedroom features a green bed, colorful bedding, a black pendant lamp, and a unique black side table. The drawers come with cute rope handles.

A Woody Bed

If you are carving a nice bed with storage that can give you warm and simplicity, this wooden bed is for you. The wooden material can give a warm touch in a bedroom, and the simplicity of the design and storage under the bed can make it more valuable.

Lifted Underbed Storage Solutions

This wooden bed is a custom-made bed. The underneath is storage space with hydraulic support which is very easy to lift. This bed also has some open shelves on the left side.

Drawers And Shelves

Every bedroom benefits from a few extra storages. This wooden bed has clean white bedding that increases the minimalist look. There are two drawers and a shelf where you can put some blankets at the end of this floating bed.

Custom Wooden Boxes

If you don’t get a built-in storage under the bed, you can make some baskets you can put under it. The wooden baskets under this wooden bed can be underbed storage solutions. It will be a smart investment for your bedroom.

A Kids Bedroom

This built-in bed provides lots of storage which is really suitable for a kids bedroom since they may have many toys. There are some shelves and drawers under the bed.

A Custom Designed Bed

Wood is so popular for making beds with underbed storage solutions. It is easy to design and form. This bed also has a built-in bench that will be suitable for a very small room.


Here is another bed with underneath storage for the kids. It has a nice color combination of white and pink. Under this white bed, there are some drawers and cabinet.

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