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small bedroom, blue wall, white exposed wall, white framed window, window nook for study table Pinterest

Bed Inside A Nook, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Floor, White Floating Shelves
White Bed Nook, White Curtain, Wed Bed Platform, White Wooden Table
Small Bedroom, White Wall, White Framed Glass Door, White Floating Bed, White Wall
Small Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Side Table, Grey Tufted Headboard, Red Pedndant
Small Bedroom, Blue Wall, White Exposed Wall, White Framed Window, Window Nook For Study Table
Bed Inside A Nook, Wooden Bed Platform, White Pendant, Wooden Headboard, Wooden Floating Shelves
Small Bedroom, White Wall, Small Bed, Shelves Nook
Bed Inside A Nook, Brown Wooden Framed Window
Bed Inside A Nook, Brown Wooden Framed Window
Bed Nook, Curtain, Round Window, White Cabinet

There are many situations when you have to put your bed inside the nook that just has the right size. This will leaves no limited space. But that does not always mean a bad thing. For you who love privacy, this might be what you feel the most comfortable with. And it can also means you have other place than your somber nest in a larger and more airy space. Whatever your condition is, you will love some ideas which are presented in this compilation below with bed fills your space.

Tiny Room
What you can do in a tiny room is putting everything tiny and completing it with everything that you need in the reach of your hand like sconces or books. This one here puts a comfortable shelves nook and easy sconce on the wall.

Small yet Bright
When you have small and tiny space, you would want to make sure that you can decorate it to have more spacious look. And that can be done by putting the space in bright and light color like this one, white and blue.

Tiny Minimalist
This is a super minimalist look. with white on white, this tiny space makes a complete room with shelves, sconce and even a small corner of the wall to hold an accessory.

Sweet Touch
In this bedroom nook, the space is minimalist yet so beautiful because of its white tall curtain and bright light from the large glass window. The beauty of the space itself brings out beauty and with comfortable looking bed, this looks even more beautiful.

Comfortable Nook
This nook looks really cozy! It is decorated simply with pictures and decorations that makes the space look more personal and comfortable. The glass windows bring bright light to the small nook nicely.

Small Traditional
Although offers small space, this tiny bedroom can still hold a strong traditional look with its fringed curtain, details on the sconces and windows. It also has ruffled bed and pillows that makes it look comfortable.

Private Comfort
This one is a very interesting bunk beds for child.The tiny space offer a bed for adult and child above it. This tiny bedroom looks comfortable and with glass door, it is a great help for the non window setting.

Bright Nook
This is a smart way to work on the room. The bed fits the nook perfectly while the rest of the room can bring a large effect to the room. With glass window and doors and white color, the room looks even more spacious.

Kids Nook
Sometimes, kids grow so fast that we haven’t saved a room for them when they need it. Well, if you have a tiny room, it can work as well. Like this one, you can put up a bed and decorate it with comfortable and fun details.

Natural Nook
This nook has beautiful natural details with wooden bed platform, floating shelves and romantic white pendants and curtain.

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