Stunningly Gorgeous Pendants to Prettify Dining Room

Moroccan glass pendant, white wall, wooden table, wooden bench, wooden floor, purple rug

Beautiful pendants always make a room feel completed. Not only that it gives a room the light it needs, it also decorates the room to be prettier. And that is why choosing a pendant can be really tricky when you


Interesting and Vibrant Lighting Fixtures to Stunning Living Room

branch pendant on white ceiling, white rug, white sofa, blue white chairs, coffee table, white table lamp

Lighting fixtures hold a final touch to a room. It either gives an interesting contrast or complementing the looks of the room. It does not only light the room at night but it also brings its own beauty for you


Mesmerizing Lighting Ideas Above the Kitchen Islands

a line of glass bulb pendants above white marble kitchen island's counter top, aluminum fridge, white cabinet, wooden chairs

In a kitchen, counter top, backsplash, and kitchen island might be the most popular items that people love to think about when deciding how a kitchen should look. However, even details like lighting fixture needs to be thought about too.