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a line of glass bulb pendants above white marble kitchen island's counter top, aluminum fridge, white cabinet, wooden chairs Best of DIY Ideas

In a kitchen, counter top, backsplash, and kitchen island might be the most popular items that people love to think about when deciding how a kitchen should look. However, even details like lighting fixture needs to be thought about too. There are several kinds of lighting fixture that can work well in a kitchen, especially when the kitchen is with island. With an island in the kitchen, it means there is a stage where you can display your preference in the island top, stools, sink, shelves or cabinet, and lighting fixture. Kitchen island is the perfect place to entertain people too. That is why all furniture around kitchen island is necessarily needed to be thoroughly thought of. Here are some lighting fixture above the kitchen islands if you need some beautiful inspirations.

A Line of Glass
Starting with beautiful bubbles of glasses above the kitchen island, this one here is such a beauty that gives the kitchen glam illumination. Reflected several times by the glass surface, it looks really pretty.

Old Glass
In maintaining an old traditional look, an old simple looking pendants is needed to give the final touch. And here below is one of the perfect options. The simple glass pendant looks like a pendant from a peasant’s house in the old times. Around traditional look like in this kitchen, they kick the look together.

Black Curvy Cone
On a white kitchen or light kitchen, having a dark accent can make the room feels less-too-much, or more balanced. Seen in this kitchen, among those white color, the floor, stools and lighting fixture helps the room to not going too stark.

Longs Strained Pendants
While the previous ones depict how pendant in a medium high ceiling, this one here shows how interesting pendants can be in a high ceiling room. Through straight lines from the ceiling, the pendants are not too far above the island. This straight lines make the room seems taller and thus, more airy.

Geometric Cage
A pendant in a cage is not something unfamiliar. However, if the cage is geometric, it can help you to reach modern look, especially if the kitchen is already in neutral minimalist touch.

Brass Pendants
Having elegant accents in the kitchen can be gained from the look of the pendants too. Seen in this one, a beautiful kitchen with two kinds of pendants. Small glass bulbs above the sink and brass pendants above the island. With bigger and bolder look, these brass pendants are more pronounced.

Silvery Pendants
Beside brass, silver sequin look like this is also an interesting and beautiful look to be seen in a minimalist kitchen. It’s not too bold but it makes its own statement.

Sophisticated Pendants
Geometric cage can be really interesting so it’s not a surprise that another geometric shape that will makes the kitchen feels more modern and sophisticated.

Moroccan Pendants
Exotic look can be gained not only from the stools on the kitchen island. The lighting fixture can help with that too. Seen in this picture is a brass pendants with Moroccan pattern details that makes the room feel more exotic.

Chandelier Pendants
For those who love luxurious look, this kind of pendants are probably the perfect option. With chandelier look with fringes, this pendants give more details in golden and crystal.

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