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window seats with storage traditional staircase wooden bar stool with saddle seat in black rattan square planter baskets CK Architects

Window Seats With Storage Mojo Cream Pillow Built In Window Seat Fit For A Princess Gray Cushion
Window Seats With Storage Grey Room White Cabinet Light Grey Cushioned Window Seat Grey Pillows
Window Seats With Storage Traditional Staircase Wooden Bar Stool With Saddle Seat In Black Rattan Square Planter Baskets
Window Seats With Storage Living Room Built In Display Case With Window Seat Glass Cabinets On Side End Tables
Window Seats With Storage Bright Yellow Wall Bright Wooden Floor Flowery Pillow White Storage
Window Seats With Storage Honey Cuddle Bear Clear Lighting Recessed Wall Green Cushion Colorful Pillows
Window Seats With Storage Traditional Family Room Interior Of Window Seat Is Cedar Lined For Seasonal Storage
Window Seats With Storage Cream Howard Elliot Bella Moss Bolster Pillow Dark Gold Plain Pillow
Window Seats With Storage Efficient Storage Green Cushion Colorful Pillow Full Window And Screened Door
Window Seats With Storage Traditional Reading Room Beautiful Reading Nook With Storage Below Square Helm Quilted Throw Pillow

A window seat is an additional furniture for a home. It can be placed near the home stairs or usual place in a room.  The window seat will be more valuable and efficient if it also has storage where you can keep your things. Here are some window seats with storage that will inspire you.

Window Seat with Rattan Baskets for Storage

The window seat with storage is a good to fill the space next to the stairs. The open storage provides rattan square planter baskets. There is a black wooden bar stool with a saddle seat.

Built-in Window Bench

This built-in window bench can also be a beautiful reading nook. There are some pull-out storage below the window bench and some square helm quilted throw pillow to decorate it.

Bay Window Seats with Storage

This ground floor bay window provides a window seating with storage. The window bench can be a nice place to have a chat with your family or just enjoying your time. You should put some pillow and even a honey cuddle bear.

Chic Window Seat for Teenage Girl

You can make a Mojo cream pillow Built-in window seat for your kid in her bedroom. You can add tassel valance to the window. The bench has the same style with the bedroom cabinet.

Cedar Lined for Useful  Storage

This Window Seat has Cedar Lined for functional storage. You can place your window seats with storage in the narrow area. You can get the nice color and material of the cushion to make your seating more comfortable. You also need to add some colorful pillow.

Wooden Bench with Mini Side Table

This large window bench has oriental accent storage. It is also accompanied by cream cushion, cream Howard Elliot Bella Moss bolster pillow, and dark gold plain pillow. You also can add a mini table next to the bench with a flower vase on it.

Window Seats with Storage for Small Window

You can get a benefit from the end of the floor hallway by setting a window bench. This window small has a beautiful frame. You should choose a suitable bench design. This focal point will lead you to a space that has beautiful trim.

window seats with storage bright yellow wall bright wooden floor flowery pillow white storage

Gem Build

Glass Storage and Window Seat

You can have a unique family room built-in display with window seat glass cabinets on the side. The glass storage will give a great balance for the furniture.

Window Seats with Storage for Wide Window

This sharp design window seat is really suitable for your wide window. There are two pull-out storages underneath and a large cushion on it. You can add some gray pillows that the color is similar to your room. There is also a soft lamp on the ceiling.

Window Seat for Library

This window seat provides an efficient storage under the cushion. There are a wide glass window and wide glass door in this room. Thus, the natural sunlight will lighten it. This room can be a good reading room and library because there is an adequate bookshelf.

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