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bathroom with white tiles on half the wall, sage green painted on half top the wall, black framed round mirror, white sconces, wooden cabinet with marble, white sink Domino

Bathroom With Black Hexagon Floor Tiles, White Walls, Windows, Geren Sage Cabinet With Marble Top
Bathroom With Marble Floor Tiles, Sage Greeen Wall Tiles, White Tub
Bathroom With Tiles, Grey Wall Tiles, White Toilet, Sage Green Cabinet And Mirror, White Sink
Bathroom With Patterned Floor Tiles, White Toilet, Sage Green Wood Planks On The Wall, Wooden Shelves And Sink
Bathroom With White Tiles On Half The Wall, Sage Green Painted On Half Top The Wall, Black Framed Round Mirror, White Sconces, Wooden Cabinet With Marble, White Sink
House Shaped Wooden Green Vanity With Two Sinks, Two Mirror, One Big Mirror Near The Arch Ceiling,
Bathroom With White Tiles On The Floor Differently, White Subway Tiles On The Wall, Sage Green Painted Wall, White Framed Mirror, White Sink, Sconces,
Bathroom With Black And White Floor Tiles, White Square Tiles, Deep Sage Green Wall, White Sink, White Black Toilet
Narrow Bathroom With Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Sink, Deep Sage Green Accent Wall
Bathroom With White Tiles, White Tub, White Wall, Sage Green Tiles On The Wall On The Tub And Shower Area

Bathroom is not only a place to clean but also to relax that it needs to be comfortable and relaxing. Creating a comfortable bathroom is challenging. And sometimes, getting inside the same look bathroom daily can be quite boring. Well, with a little change, it can give totally different look. How about trying sage green color which has fresh and calming color for your bathroom? If it’s still an unfamiliar color, let’s see how this muted green is used in these bathroom below.


Small Bathroom with Muted Green

Sage green is a color with muted ambiance that gives clean vibe that looks good in a small bathroom. With sage green, this one here can balance the pattern tiles floor that brings fun but also more weight.


Deep Sage Green

Although sage green might not too vibrant, not everyone is entirely sure to use it for the entire wall. This pretty color can be used for accent wall too. While it’s just an accent, it becomes the focus on the room too.


White Subway and Sage Paint

Combining wall color is a great way to create an interesting and varies look. This one here combine white subway tiles on different level of height and painted the rest with sage green color.


Half and Half

Still using combination on the wall, this one here offers more than white tone. It also offers black accent on the toilet bidet and the bathroom floor tiles.


Green with Subway

Similar with the previous ones, this one also has its beauty strike from the subway tiles on half bottomĀ  of the wall that’s complimented with sage green painted wall. These two colors have brought muted modern vibes to the room.


Sage on Tiles

If you haven’t already pick wall tiles, sage green tiles can be a great idea too especially if you’re looking for something relaxing and something that will look so fresh yet modern. This is one of the best options.


Green Vanity

Besides wall, sage green can be used in the cabinet. Combined with wooden frame and floor, sage green still has the natural looks but also modern vibes on it. Seen in this double bathroom vanities, sage green looks calm and elegant.


Pale Sage Green

It s another use of sage green in the cabinet however in smaller one and with paler color. This one here looks almost grey but still with a little green hint on it that makes the cabinet looks really interesting.


Green Cabinet

While those cabinet is with sink, this one here is only a cabinet that you can put near the bathroom to keep your toiletries stock and towels so that it does not get damp. And, it is a good thing to have it in sage green too. It’s pretty and soft.


Sage to the Ceiling

As muted green can be so beautiful and alluring, this one here has wall with tiles on sage green color. It compliments the white tub and white marble flooring that looks already so pretty.



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