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Hologram Pendants, Pink Rug, Pink Sofa, Round Glass Coffee Table, White Wall, Wallpaper
Hologram Geometrical Chairs With Black Legs, Beige Floor, Beige Wall
Hologram Bathroom Curtain, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wired Shelves, White Tub, Glass Window
Hologram Chairs, White Floor, Orange Curtain
Hologram Wall With Black Dots, White Floor, Black Rug, White Sofa, Black Pillows, Glass Coffee Table
Hologram Coffee Table, Brown Floor, Red Sofa And Chair, Black Sofa
Hologram Wall, Glass Window, Wooden Floor, Fireplace, White Rug, Green Rug, White Pendant, Clear Glass Round Swing
Hologram, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Navy Chairs, Wooden Table, White Wall, Hologram Pendant
Hologram Tall Thin Table, White Wall, White Floor
Hologram Wall Tiles, Wooden Floor, Black Lines Hanger For Clothes

Hologram has a distinctive hue. In anywhere it is on, hologram can brings many different shades, especially when it is faced into a bright light. It gives a really gorgeous shade. Because of this beautiful shade, many has produced furniture to add some interesting accent to the room. Below are 10 lovely hologram furniture you might want to add to your house.

Hologram Wall
Hologram can give a really strong hue and shadow. However, this one here looks subtle and the glints looks pretty because of this subtlety. In the room with minimalist furniture, this subtlety looks quite pronounced.

Hologram Table
This adorable table looks so stunning with all the colorful hue reflected on it. This will add pretty accent when it is positioned in the living room where people can gather and have fun together.

Hologram Coffee Table
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has hologram coffee table. This coffee table looks so pretty but it is not only the beauty that makes it endearing to have in the living room but also the simplicity of the coffee table that it can hold your coffee and snacks.

Hologram Wall Tiles
Similar to one of the previous ones, this one here also has hologram for the wall. However, this one here shows a stronger vibe and brings more details. This will be a great accent wall in the house especially with built-in shelves.

Hologram Curtain
An accent that can be added easily without getting too much work is by adding something like curtain. This hologram curtain shows a really interesting shade to the bathroom. Added to a neutral or minimalist bathroom, this piece of curtain will be beautifully pronounced.

Hologram Chairs
A really pretty shade is seen in this hologram chair. The shade is interesting as the light shine on it. It looks really lively and it will be a great piece placed in the living room. Te clean lines match modern styled room or probably a girl’s bedroom.

Hologram Geometric Chairs
This pretty chairs are pretty not only because of the colorful shade seen on the chairs and on the floor but also because of the geometrical lines designing the chairs. Having this as your study chairs or dining chairs would look so heavenly.

Shimmery Hologram
This one here is another hologram wall that you would love to have. This pretty pink, purple, blue, and yellow hue combine together creating a beautiful color mix.

Hologram in Dining Room
While hologram can have a really interesting shade without being lighted, this one here uses hologram to bring out shade. It would be really pretty to have hologram as pendant. Combined with neutral dining room under the pendants, the hologram shade looks gorgeous.

Hologram in Living Room
Similar to the previous one, this one too has hologram pendants in the room. It can bring lively vibe in the dining room and it can bring cheerful ambiance to this living room too.

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