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white and grey zebra wood nightstand Houzz

Modern Zebra Wood Dresser For Bathroom
Simple Brown Zebra Wood Side Table
Nique Brown Zebra Wood Side Table With White Iron Frame Leg
Modern Dark Brown Zebra Wood Cabinet
Modern Dark Grey And White Zebra Wood Dresser
Brown Zebra Wood Nightstand
White And Grey Zebra Wood Nightstand
Modern Grey Zebra Wood Dresser
Dining Tables With Brown Zebra Wood Material
Round Glass Coffee Table With Artistic Zebra Wood Legs

Decorating your house is really exciting when you can choose what to put and what not to put for the sake of display and function. The furniture and details on the furniture will determine how your room will look. And that is what you will have for quite a long time. So you need to be very careful not to choose wrong. And if you think you can have as many options as you can, you probably want to look at zebra wood. This pattern on the furniture you have will give a different touch to your room.

Under Your Sink

If you think you are bored with the bathroom you have now, you can change the cabinet with zebra wood cabinet.

On the Kitchen

If you like to add little cabinet in your kitchen or dining room and get bored with the plain color, you can change it into the merrier zebra wood.

Among Your Guests

This one is simply pretty. With its round glass top and unique zigzag led of zebra wood, your living room is alive!

With Tea and Coffee

This coffee table is slim, thin, and simple. However, with zebra patter on the surface, it is not plain at all.

To Keep Your Glasses

Look at this cute nightstand! With its brass accent, zebra wood looks glamorous.

Beside Your Bed

This is really small and cute that goes so well with your bed, if your bed is in the color of monochrome. The unique model is complimented with the zebra pattern.

Under Your TV

This will look great if you like simple TV console; this one will look great just well. With its unique accent on the front and of course also the zebra wood, this will add a great deal to your living room.

In Your Guest Room

It’s only because it’s never wrong to look nice even in front of your guest. With this silver-grey dresser, even the simplest guest room can be lively.

For Your Reading Lamp

Imagine having this beside your bed when you can put your lamp and favourite book at night. Its unique white framed that goes into the legs, give a exceptional touch to your bedroom.

To Put Your Newspaper

This simple wooden side table will look great in your living room or bedroom.

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