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living room with white walls, wooden floor, grey rug, low white cabinet, grey bean bag, white curtain Elle

Living Room With White Walls, Grey Sofa, Brown Leather Sofa, Brown Floor Pillow, Small Round Table, White Rug
Living Room With White Walls, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Low White Cabinet, Grey Bean Bag, White Curtain
Living Room With White Walls, Tv, Wooden Cabinet, Grey Patterned Rug
Living Room With Grey Sofa, White Wall, White Floor, Brown Rug, White Rug, Small Round Coffee Table
Living Room With White Wall, Black Wooden Floor, White Sofa, Black Low Wooden Coffee Table, Grey Rug, Floor Lamp
Living Room With White Walls, Wooden Floor, Round Rattan Rug, White Sofa, Brown Wooden Coffee Table, Plants
Living Room With White Wall, White Bench, White Sofa, Woden Coffee Table, Plants, White Blue Rug
Living Room With Beige Wal, White Cushioned Wooden Chair, Wooden Coffee Table, Colourful Rug
Living Room With White Wall, Wooden Floor, Brown Leather Sofa And Chairs, Orange Ottoman, Plants, White Rug
Living Room With White Wall, Wooden Floor, Black Sofa, Coffee Table

Living room is a place that is supposedly comfortable for everyone in the house. It should be a place where the entertainment happens in the house. Thus, it should offer comfort for recreation together. And one of the furniture that will alleviate calm in a room is a rug. Rug helps to soften a room so that it will feel more relaxing. It also offers wider place to sit and gather around. Let’s see some beautiful rug that can help a living room much more to everyone’s comfort.

Soft and Wide Rug

Here you can see the rug that has been a good match for the room. With its soft and nude colours, it accentuates the cabinet and brown leather sofa. Along with its clear glass coffee table and white walls, the rug creates neutral and soft looking living room.


Colourful Rug

Different from the previous one, this one is more cheerful with its colourful rug. The nude coloured wall and the wooden furniture bring the living room more neutral grounding to be able to be painted with its colourful pillows, plants, and rug.  The colourful rug brings warmth to the neutral room.


Blue Accent

Nude colour has been a favourite colour in interior for its neutral ambience and for the ease it brings in matching with other colour just like what you can see in this picture. With its nude colour, it is so easy to match it with blue. And even though the room has more of nude colour, the blue colour is there to be the pretty accent you can see in pillows and rug. The rug especially has been the mediator for the blue and nude to be combined together.


Comfortable Wool

Wool is one of the favourite kinds of rug that will give anyone a comfort. Wool rug usually is more durable and easy to tend. And with the right colour and pattern, it can be the best thing your living room has.


Wool for Wooden

Still in the wood material rug, this one in the picture here also has a pretty wool rug. As wool is usually quite thick, it will be perfect for those who have big family who love to hang around together.


Thick Wool Rug

Of course, to warm your room especially in the winter, thick rug will be more preferable. Kitted rug and wool rug are definitely the winners for that. So,  if you are thinking making your room comfortable and elegant with something that also work warming your floor, wool rug is definitely a winner.


Natural Weaving

If you love having natural thing in your room, you can add weaving rug to your room as a combination with your wool rug. It can give more dimension and texture in your floor. As for how it looks in the eye, you don’t have to worry because it’s pretty too.


As Soft as Fur

If you like to have something elegant and more luxurious, rug from synthetic rug will look perfectly amazing in your living room. It will spoil your feet when you touch it while you enjoy your room and it will only offer comfort.


Round Weaving Rug

It is still for you who love going in natural look. With wooden floor, wooden coffee table and neutral sofa and walls, the weaving rug looks completely easy in the eye. And the round shape and circular pattern looks artistic and natural at the same time.


Thick and Knitted

If you’re looking for something thick, comfortable, and made with of love and care, knitted rug will be perfect for you. You can put knitted rug anywhere in your home and it will only bring love out of it. With the right colour, it will complement your living room in any way.

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