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white top vanity with brown wooden cabinet with two sinks and make up counter in the right Studio Frank

Traditional Brown Marble Top With Whtie Wooden Cabinet Completed With Small Makeup Counter On The Right Side With Small Shelves
White Marble Top Sink With Long White Wooden Cabinet In Front Of White Marble Top Make Up Vanity With White Cabinet And Mint Stool With Long Large Mirror With
White Top Vanity With Brown Wooden Cabinet With Two Sinks And Make Up Counter In The Right
White Marble Top Vanity With White Wooden Cabinet Under, Two White Sinks And Make Up Counter In The Middle With Flowery Chairs'
Brown Marble Top With White Cabinet With Brown Marble Top Makeup Counter In The Corner With Copper Framed Mirror
Rustic Brown Vanity With Dark Brown Marble Top, Brown Cabinet, Matched Make Up Counter, Mirror As Long As The Vanity And Make Up Counter, Brown Cushioned Meta
Rustic Vanity With Grey Marble Top, Square Wooden Framed Mirror, Accompanied With Makeup Counter On The Left With Wooden Table And Stool Completed With High M
White Marble Top Make Up Counter Side By Side With Vanity With White Cabinet, Matched White Wooden Framed Mirrors
White Marble Top Vanity With Dark Brown Wooden Cabinet Under, Match Makeup Counter On Lower Surface With Low Stool And White Round Framed Mirror
Nude Marble Top Vanity With Grey Cabinet, Towel Rack, Square Grey Framed Mirror, Near Lower Grey Wooden Makeup Counter With Matched Stool And Round Mirror

Makeup counter is one important area for women. Having a comfortable makeup counter available is like giving them a private place especially to care about their beauty. A nice makeup room or counter is likely a place where the bottles and boxes of skin cares and makeup can be placed safely and tidily. It needs to have enough lights too. And one great thing is that if it is near bathroom so that they can probe to their skin right after shower.

On the Right

In this picture, besides the sinks, there is make up counter on the right with most comfortable position because it is under the window that will let natural lights help with makeup application.

Flowery Accent for the Chairs

White counter is really beautiful and one of the most favorite colors used in bathroom. And if you have white vanity with makeup counter, you can put one pattern that you like for accent, like flower patter here. The best thing about this picture, though, is the window right in front of the makeup counter. There is nothing like natural lights.

Classic Pretty Makeup Counter

In this picture, the position of the makeup counter is in the corner and it faces the windows. It will be a great feature for makeup counter that needs a great lighting. The mirror is a match with the larger mirror for the sink on its side.

Small Pretty Makeup Counter

In this picture, the makeup counter is compact but it serves the function well. Placed near the light source, this makeup counter will be a perfect place to put make up. With cabinet only placed under the sink, it is possible to place a small pretty stool to support the makeup activities. The high matched mirrors are great for the sink and makeup counter placed side by side like this.

Cheerful Feminine Corner

This is another small corner that allows one sink plus makeup counter to stand side by side. The sink area is deeper with bigger mirror while the makeup counter is with small round mirror in front of small high white wooden shelves. With white blue striped stool, the look is more cheerful so it’s not too feminine.

Long Luminous Mirror

In this picture, the makeup counter has its own space. Placed in front of the sink, the makeup counter as well as the mirror is as long as the sink itself. This allows more than 1 person to sit in front of the makeup counter to get ready. The lighting placed in the mirror helps whomever puts the makeup or skincare to get the best sight.

In the Middle of Flowers

Makeup counter is a personal place for those who love to doll up. To make it merry according to your personal taste is a great way to make you feel even more comfortable in dolling up. In this picture, the room is groomed with flower wallpaper and in the middle of these flowers; you can see a tidy pretty vanity with makeup counter in the right, near the window.

Warm Makeup Counter

If you like to create warm counter, you can start by selecting warm tone color. In this picture, the designer selects warm brown for the room starts from the wall to the cabinet.  The makeup counter is in line with the sink, except that it is placed lower and completed with brown lower stool.

Rustic Vanity and Makeup Counter

This is a sample of vanity with makeup counter in rustic theme. It has its special brown wooden theme, completed with brown top with rustic feeling. Even though the stool is with plaid pattern, the stool frame is still in rustic feeling. The best thing for makeup counter here is the large mirror that will bring comfort.

Rustic Wooden Vanity and Makeup Counter

This is another well executed rustic theme for vanity and makeup counter. With tinted wooden cabinet in vanity and matched make up table and stool, the rustic feeling is strongly built, not to mention the round wooden plank to as a light partition of the room.

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