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bathroom sink with brown wooden cabinet, brown top, white sink, golden faucet, aluminium framed mirrors, golden towel bar on the wall Fox Force Five Construction NYC

Rest Room With Brown Sink, White Cabinet With Towel Bar, White Sconces, Long Vertical Mirror, Brown Chair, Silver Small Round Side Table
Bathroom With Tiles Floor, White Wooden Cabinet, With Round Towel Bar,
Brown Wooden Vanity Pedestal With Sandstone Sink, Dark Metal Towel Lbar Under The Sink, Round Mirrors,
Small Marble Sink With Pedestal On White Subway Tiles With Towel Bar, Mirror On Top, Small Lights
White Cabinet With White Top Sink, Towel Bar On The Wide Of The Cabinet
Modern Bathroom With Dark Wooden Cabinet, With Towel Bar, Grey Marble Top, White Sink, Large Corner Mirror
Bathroom Sink With Dark Wooden Cabinet, White Top, White Sink, Blue Tiles For Backsplash, Large Mirror, Round Towel Bar, Glass Lamps
Bathroom Sink With Brown Wooden Cabinet, Brown Top, White Sink, Golden Faucet, Aluminium Framed Mirrors, Golden Towel Bar On The Wall
Bathroom With Double Brown Cabinet With Towel Bar, White Top Sink, Mirrors
Bathroom With Tiles Floor, Dark Brown Wooden Cabinet, White Stones Top, White Sink, Silver Faucet, Mirror, Eclipse Towel Bar

When you already have the bathroom as you like it, you will want to look into the details on the accessories to complement your needs. Accessories in bathroom can be really helpful and ergonomic too. One of the accessories for bathroom that looks small but really helpful is towel bar. And it can be placed well, almost hidden, in the sink. Here are some examples of pedestal sink with towel bars that is helpful and pretty at the same time.

In a Kid’s Bathroom

In a kid’s bathroom that seems to always be playful, you can add accessories that will help them to create a good habit, to dry their hands right after they wash their hands, before touching other things, of worse, other people’s hand as it can referred to impolite.

In a Rest Room

This is just a beautiful rest room with all brown and nude color palettes in a room. With small mirros, the sink is also small and narrow. However, even with the small sink, it still looks good with towel bar.

Simple Vanity with Towel Bar

If you wish to have a simple sink that will give you the towel bar without feeling too cramped, well you can try something like this. You can put the cabinet in one side and the other side is empty with only your towel bar.

Round Towel Bar

This beautiful bathroom with built-in bench is complemented with towel bar in the wall as well as the cabinet under the sink. The towel bar under the sink is special as it takes round shape with a ring that doesn’t finish.

On the Nook

This small sink uses the nook space. And it can be really beautiful with its marble sink and the subway tiles on the wall and for the pedestal. And with the towel bar, it all completes.

Hanging on the Wall

One of the ways you can put your towel bar is by the mirrors, hanging on the wall. It will be directly spotted on. And this one in the picture is really beautiful with classic mark on the golden color.

Wooden Sink

This beautiful wooden look is perfect for you who love rustic theme or simply love to have natural spot on your home. With wooden flooring and wall, the vanity and pedestal are wooden. The sink is hand-carved sandstone sink. The pendant and the mirror are just right too.

Eclipse Towel Bar

The stones that enunciate the room beautifully are a great match for the tiles. And the towel bar on the side of the cabinet under the sink is well hidden that it makes the bathroom looks simple and light.

On the Side of the Sink

If you want your towel bar is seen, you can put it on the spot so that no one can ever miss it. You can do something like in this picture.

Crisp Bathroom

If you want to look crisp even in your bathroom, but you need towel bar, you can do it like this. The hard feeling you get from the bathroom will not evade.

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