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Built In Cabinet White And Black Countertop Built In Sink Pendant Lights Metal Hood TV Wooden Floor Greenery
Black Countertop Stainless Steel Faucet Stainless Steel Appliances Flowering Undermount Sink Stainless Steel Backsplash Tiled Wall
White And Black Granite Countertop Rounded Decorative Light Glass Door Flat Panel Cabinet Floating Shleves Wooden Ceiling White Chairs Black Cabinet Stainless Steel Appliances
White And Black Island Countertop Chandelier Built In White Cabinet Tiled Hood Accent Backsplash Recessed Lights
Black And White Granite Countertop Black Cabinet Black Mirror Border Undermount Sink Stainless Steel Faucet Wall Mirror
White And Black Granite Countertop White Cabinet TV Pendant Lights Recessed Lights Stainles Steel Appliances Flowering
White And Black Countertop Stainles Steel Appliances White Cabinet Floor To Ceiling Cabinet Pendant Lights Wooden Floor
Black And White Granite Countertop Black Cabinet White Wall Orange Backsplash Yellow Vase Recessed Lightning Wireback Chair Stainless Steel Appliances Undermount Sink
Chandelier Black And White Granite Countertop Black Appliances Picture Tiled Backsplash Flat Panel Cabinet Decorated Wall
Black And White Granite Countertop White Cabinet White Wine Storage Stainless Steel Appliances

Countertop has been the essential part in you home especially when you model the kitchen, bathroom or working room. Recently, granite countertop is preferable for most people considering the durability and splendid look that it offers. Below are ten black and white granite countertop that may aspire you to beautify your home.

Empire Kitchen with Black Granite Countertop

The design of this kitchen is indeed magnificent with the statue and decorative wall that are beautiful. The chandelier and picture backsplash are other part you must attractive with. Lastly, the large black granite countertop with some light wavy pattern is the one that become the spotlight of us.

Modern Bar Kitchen with Granite Countertop on The Coffee Table

It is another amazing modern design of kitchen with black flat-panel cabinet and folding glass door. The granite material is applied on the island and the coffee and coffee table which creates heavenly combination in the kitchen appliances.The ceiling lights with its decoration is certainly interesting as well.

Whitey Kitchen with Granite Countertop

Bringing the white theme, this kitchen is another kitchen everyone wants to have. It looks clean, cool, neat and indeed comfortable. The granite countertop applied on the island and cabinet are mostly white with the touch of black chrome. You may add some flowers and other things that suit your interest better.

Black Granite Countertop in American Kitchen

The countertop in this kitchen are black granite with white and beige touches. You may apply the undermount stainless steel sink which suits the appliances.The tiled white wall also serves fine looks added with some lotus flowers. It is all beautiful.

Mosaic Black and White Granite Countertop

It is new idea of granite countertop with mosaic pattern. The countertop serves you in two layers that maybe useful for more purposes. Besides, the hanging lamps are also appealing to be in there.

Black and White Countertop in Minimalist Kitchen

This heartening long black island countertop is well applied in minimalist kitchen. There is wavy white touch on the black countertop that makes it more appealing. In addition, it is so refreshing to see the large white wall that is well blended with the standing yellow vase and orange baksplash.

Wavy Black and White Granite Countertop

Similarly to previous design, wavy this countertop also has wavy looks. However, the wavy patterns are served bigger on this countertop. The cabinet of this countertop is white whit wine storage there.

Elegant Kitchen with Alluring Countertop

This elegant kitchen has brown cabinet and floating storage with the same color. The backsplash is indeed unique with patterned background. The most we want about the kitchen is the granite countertop with white and black colors. It is also refreshing if you pit some greenery there.

Granite Countertopn in Coastal Kitchen

This coastal kitchen has two island with granite countertop mostly covered with white color and black touches there. The dark wooden floor make the kitchen looks larger and neat. Besides, the flower patterned backsplash is also interesting part that can be an inspiration.

 Bathroom Black Granite Countertop

This Toronto black granite countertop can be one of your inspiration in your bathroom. It is well applied with the elegant black cabinet you may find there.

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