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Longer Vanity with L Shaped Vanity in the Bathroom

When you think you need more space in the vanity to put your things or simply so that you can have more room, L shaped vanity might be a great opportunity for you to solve your wish. Below, you can see how many ways you can have your vanity so that it will meet your need.

Double Sinks

When you think you need more space and decide that L shaped vanity might be the best thing for your bathroom, double sink on both ends will probably come as second thing you can do. With this, you have your room and you have your own sinks. This one in the picture is simple and beautiful with caesarstone that resistance to hot, scratch, and stain that will come in handy in bathroom.

L shaped vanity with wooden cabinet with satin finish, white caesarstone top, two sinks on both ends, white porcelain floorin, white walls, sconces on mirror sides
Marcus & Willers Architects

Traditional Look on Vanity

This one is totally gorgeous. The granite that covers the vanity counter top and the mirror frame up to ceiling line gives a bold statement of elegance. The wide mirror allows you to have larger feeling of a room. The sconces near the mirror and around the bathroom are reflected perfectly through the mirror.

traditional vanity with L shaped counter top in granite that continues to the mirror frame, white cabinet
Ernesto Gracia Interior Design

Snow White Elegance

This bathroom is very lovely, from the white color of the ceiling, wall, and the vanity that has glossy feeling on it. The big window gives more cold to the bathroom. But the chandelier and the wooden flooring gives warm to the room.  The vanity in white is with two sinks on the both ends.

white bathroom with white wall and ceiling, white vanity, chandelier, wooden flooring, mirror, sconces
Creating Contrast Designs

White and Black L Shaped Vanity

For a smaller bathroom, you can always go with smaller cabinetry and vanity. Although small, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have L shaped vanity as you can see from the picture below how L shaped vanity can also beautifully put inside a bathroom.

white bathroom with white wall, cabinetery, black soapstone top, tile flooring, mirror, sconces
F5 Design

Warm Bathroom

This one is rather warmer bathroom compare to the white ones previously. The L shaped vanity looks clean and polished. The mirror in the entire wall where the vanity is makes the room larger and the sconces lighting perfectly reflected.

bathroom with L shaped vanity in cream, cabinetry in cream, sconces, sink on both ends, mirror along the vanity
Bry Design

Warm with Wooden Cabinet

This is another warm bathroom that looks warm because of the wall and the beautiful flooring. The wooden cabinet under the vanity also brings warmth to the room. The vanity looks light on one side without anything attach to the vanity.

brown bathroom with L shaped vanity in brown top, brown wooden cabinet, brown wall, window on one side, large mirror
Wayne Harbin Builder, Inc

Mosaic Tiles Backsplash

Adding backsplash on the sink area is a fun idea for the bathroom. In this case, it adds more color to the bathroom that is brown and black without it.

bathroom with brown wall, black and grey mozaic tiles bakcsplash, wooden cabinet under the vanity, doble sinks on one side, three mirrors
Dyna Contracting

Simple L Shaped Vanity

This vanity is really simple yet it complements the tiles on the wall and the flooring beautifully. With this vanity, everything together looks great. The wide window sends large amount of light that it makes a nice feeling to the bathroom.

contemporary bathroom with L shaped cabinet in dark grey, wooden cabinet under in Cherry, tiles on the wall, large windows, large mirrors
Cek Design, Inc. Interiors & Remodeling

All-White Bathroom

This is another bathroom with majority white color for the wall, flooring, vanity, and cabinet under the vanity. The pendant lamp is also in white and so are the flower vase and ottoman. With all this white color, the room looks cool and modern.

white bathroom with white ceiling, wall, flooring, L shaped vanity with white cabinet under, white double adjoint sink, three mirrors, sconces
Dawson Design Group

Medium Mirror

Among those entire bathroom previously, the mirrors are either big or more than one, but this one is neither. The mirror is in medium sized and beautiful. While the vanity takes a longer space, the mirror is only in one part.

traditional bathroom with L shaped vanity with blue ish granite top, white cabinet under, white flooring, blue ceiling, medium sized mirror, clear plastic chair, sc
Thyme and Place Design