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bathroom, white wall, black floor tiles, white marble top and bakcsplash, black lines, dark cabinet Est

Bathroom, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Marble Floor, Dark Blue Accent Wall, Black Marble Floating Vanity, Indented Sink, Round Mirror, Thin Sconce, Thin Chandelier
Bathroom, White Wall, Black Marble Vanity, Indendted Sink, Black Faucet, Black Cabinet
Bathroom, White Wall, White Wall Tiles, Black Marble Floating Vanity, Black Sink, Pendant, Square Mirror
Bathroom, White Wall, Black Floor Tiles, White Marble Top And Bakcsplash, Black Lines, Dark Cabinet
Bathroom, White Wall, Sconces, Black Grid Cabinet Vanity
Bathroom, White Wall, Black Marble Wall, Black Marble Cabinet, Black Marble Top, Black Marble Accent Wall, Unique Sconce, Mirror
Bathroom, Black Wall Tiles, Black Vanity, Grey Rectangular Sink
Bathroom, Black Wall Tiles, Mirror, Sconces, White Marble Floating Sink
Bathroom, White Wall, Black Vanity Cabinet, Black Marble Top, Mirror, Sconces
Bathroom, Grey Cloud Wall, Wooden Vanity, Black Top, Golden Faucet

Bathroom usually is a small place. However, because it has small space, it should have been beautiful so that it can also look as good as the other room. There are many ways you can do to make your bathroom look. One of it is by using strong accent, like black color. Black can make a strong impression while stays neutral. If you’re looking for some inspirations, here is the best place.

Black on Black
Decorating your bathroom in black on black setting would give you not only a strong vibe but also a way to trick the space. With black on the wall and vanity, the bathroom looks deeper, thus, bigger.

White Dot
This black setting looks so amazing with its black painted wall and wall tiles on the accent wall. The white marble floating sink makes a strong touch in this black surrounding while the golden sconces puts a light elegance on the wall.

Black Center
This bathroom puts a simple yet incredible look with the combination of black and white. The black marble vanity and faucet make a graceful and beautiful center to the white room.

Elegance Lines
This bathroom puts out a really elegant and dramatic lines that make the white and black setting looks luminous. The black marble vanity itself has been glowing with elegance. Added with glowing round mirror, golden and luminous lines on the sconces and chandelier, the vanity looks even stronger.

Black Marble Compact
This vanity has a very elegant look. The black marble looks gorgeous to stretch from the accent wall, vanity top to the cabinet below. The white sconces bring a fine contrast to the black accent.

Black Lines in the Center
Making a black line horizontally in a warm white surrounding like this make a strong pretty look, especially when the black line is decorated beautifully with natural marble accent. This setting is both traditional and modern that it can be paired with any theme in the bathroom.

Black Top
This one here shows that even though your vanity is neutral, with a little bit of black detail, it can give a strong impression also. The black top give deepest impression and an interesting touch is added by golden faucet.

Dramatic Marble
While putting black cabinet and setting, sometimes you would want to give a pretty contrast to pronounce the overall look. This one below shows how white marble top and backsplash with dramatic pattern can do the job magnificently.

Black Grid
While the previous one uses dramatic details, this one here uses subtle details and maintain calming and simple with its black and white combination. The grid on the cabinet and the marble on top put a small yet pretty gesture.

Simple Black Vanity
Similar to the previous one, this black cabinet also puts a simple beauty to the bathroom with its strong black cabinet and the beautiful black marble on top.

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